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  1. 1. Are you experiencing any issues with Mediafire?

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Pop ups and a 1 time auto download of an .exe file detected as a virus and quarantined by my antivirus has been my experiences. I have learned to be extremely careful when downloading from the site!

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I use alot of sites with mediafire. 


- Popups *Even with Adblock*
this usually only happens if you click somewhere on the page, generally the site is clean all the time
- Download limits
there are no real download limits that i hit, im in the us, so it may be a country by country thing
- Captcha's
this pops up only when you try to download something like 10 or so small files or one massive one, and its generally 1 per 200mb-500mb~
- Broken files.
broken as in corrupt or broken as in not there anymore? 
broken as in corrupt is rare, broken as in gone is due to mediafire doing blanket filename checks and flagging things for "this has a song name, or is a popular thing to pirate" kind of deal. its also easy to flag something on mediafire, at least more so than other sites, though that may just be because mediafire is one of the easiest media host places to use. 
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Thank you for all the feedback. It seems that 1/3 of the users here, are experiencing some issue while downloading from Mediafire. 

Mediafire will still be allowed for usage. It's up to the Charters to choose whether or not to change to a different host.

Thanks again!

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