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  1. Happy Birthday kingADZ12!

  2. Happy Birthday kingADZ12!

  3. Happy Birthday kingADZ12!

  4. Happy Birthday kingADZ12!

  5. Happy Birthday kingADZ12!

  6. I think you need to change all the mediafire links, your account is suspended

  7. Happy Birthday kingADZ12!

  8. The new My Morning Jacket album is friggin' awesome!!!

  9. Man, I have been busy as hell lately! Hoping to finish a few LOG and Slipknot projects I have laying around soon.

    1. pinkfloyd


      Thank you so much and take your time

      tnx and sorry for my bad English

  10. Any download errors (dropbox links) for my CDLC should now be fixed!

  11. If you are getting an error downloading one of my files, please wait. I am sorting it out

  12. Gonna start using Dropbox for my CDLC files now

  13. Saw Slipknot live on the 27th, was amazing!

  14. Going to see Slipknot live today!

  15. Going to see Slipknot live 27th!

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