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  1. Happy Birthday TheBestAlex!

  2. Happy Birthday TheBestAlex!

  3. Happy Birthday TheBestAlex!

  4. Currently I am inactive, but check in weekly. Check out bands, Scale the Summit, Skyharbor, Plini, Haken, Soen, TesseracT, Fates Warning, Katatonia, Karnivool , Mudvayne

  5. I think it's normally really low volume too.
  6. http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/508/616/01f.jpg
  7. Tone starts at 8:48 on bass. Really just want to know how this "Weeping Bass" tone is achieved. Sort of a jazzy sound to it. Sounds like a lot of vibrato, and really mellow volume swell almost.... idk. I don't really need a tone for the game per-say. Just some advice on how someone would achieve a similar bass tone. Closest I can get is going crazy with left hand vibrato. Please message, quote or mention me if responding so I will receive a notification, ty.
  8. I'm going to be doing Scarred and Lifting Shadows of a Dream. Starting Scarred now. And yes, these will be the first 6-string bass customs :twisted: Nvm, Looks like Nacholede beat me to it. There will be a lot of 6-string bass coming from me, if anyone even owns one around here.
  9. I have a job now. Working slow. Have three new Scale the Summit songs coming very shortly. CHECK OUT SCALE THE SUMMIT!!!!

  10. No, I've messed with Time-sigs in here before, but I never really ended up using them anymore. I didn't know they had much significance. Okay, I selected generate log, where does it save to?
  11. If deleting a topic is a thing, please do so. I am not an active community member any longer and the formatting of this page was completely wrecked on an update or something I suppose.
  12. I actually wanted that the way it looks. The problem is the unpitched slide vanishes when ddc is applied. And sometimes even the blue 5 (the fret note after the unpitched slide) dissapears, but the sustain is visible. It happens only with ddc. And I've tried all sorts of different phrase combinations and lengths for that section and it always ends up taking the unpitched slide off.
  13. Thank you, I always like to hear from the community.
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