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  1. Currently I am inactive, but check in weekly. Check out bands, Scale the Summit, Skyharbor, Plini, Haken, Soen, TesseracT, Fates Warning, Katatonia, Karnivool , Mudvayne

  2. I think it's normally really low volume too.
  3. http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/508/616/01f.jpg
  4. Tone starts at 8:48 on bass. Really just want to know how this "Weeping Bass" tone is achieved. Sort of a jazzy sound to it. Sounds like a lot of vibrato, and really mellow volume swell almost.... idk. I don't really need a tone for the game per-say. Just some advice on how someone would achieve a similar bass tone. Closest I can get is going crazy with left hand vibrato. Please message, quote or mention me if responding so I will receive a notification, ty.
  5. I'm going to be doing Scarred and Lifting Shadows of a Dream. Starting Scarred now. And yes, these will be the first 6-string bass customs :twisted: Nvm, Looks like Nacholede beat me to it. There will be a lot of 6-string bass coming from me, if anyone even owns one around here.
  6. I have a job now. Working slow. Have three new Scale the Summit songs coming very shortly. CHECK OUT SCALE THE SUMMIT!!!!

  7. No, I've messed with Time-sigs in here before, but I never really ended up using them anymore. I didn't know they had much significance. Okay, I selected generate log, where does it save to?
  8. If deleting a topic is a thing, please do so. I am not an active community member any longer and the formatting of this page was completely wrecked on an update or something I suppose.
  9. I actually wanted that the way it looks. The problem is the unpitched slide vanishes when ddc is applied. And sometimes even the blue 5 (the fret note after the unpitched slide) dissapears, but the sustain is visible. It happens only with ddc. And I've tried all sorts of different phrase combinations and lengths for that section and it always ends up taking the unpitched slide off.
  10. Thank you, I always like to hear from the community.
  11. Switched to Dropbox. I've never had problems with Mediafire though.
  12. The "linknext slide" in this photo keeps exporting with the slide missing and sometimes the 5th fret on the "blue string's" note will be missing as well, but the sustain will still show. Any ideas, I'm sick of testing things. With these phrases using normal DDC generator it exports with no slide at all. When I generated DDC with no phrases every other slide was missing. All other techniques and slides were fine in the song and there are a lot. Does it have to do with the long sustained linknext note?? maybe? PICTURE EDIT: This is another 5-string bass song I'm trying to wrap up :twisted:
  13. Thanks, I'll check them out
  14. UPDATE I know it's been awhile, but work on Lessons is almost complete and The Trees is done I believe, just need to pack it. Just released Halo by Porcupine Tree and will be doing more. Updated my Workshop above.
  15. Close to finally releasing a song, probably tomorrow (today) and a bunch of others are close. I'm considering some new songs and am thinking of working on bringing some more Porcupine Tree to the Forge! Once I get all this Rush released I'll probably start working on something else if time permits. Update: May not release anything today, but I assure you a lot well be seen coming from me within the week.
  16. Haha, yeah. When it comes down to it, I probably spend a lot more time than I think on one custom. I'm always trying to get the bass parts as perfect as possible.
  17. Jeeze, you have 120 customs and you're tellin' me you put 50-100 hours on each one! That's crazy, you must have the most perfect customs then. Guess I'll have to check them out if anything sparks my interest.
  18. Xanadu is an absolute nightmare.... somebody, save me! I hate this song.... I hate it! UPDATE: Basically this song is slightly sharp do to the fact that it was sped up to fit the record (or something). My solution was to find a way to restore the track to standard pitch (the way it was originally recorded). The end result turned out great, but now I had to re-sync the whole beat map, ugh! Too far to quit now. The bass is all synced, but now I have to fix all of the errors and missing notes/wrong notes and missing slides/grace notes. Still have to import guitar, hopefully the guitar was written well.
  19. @@dum125 Somebody did Locomotive Breath
  20. I'd love to do some more DT customs. I'm swarmed with Rush atm though. Plus all the DT i've done has already been posted.
  21. New workshop page opened http://customsforge.com/topic/6632-thebestalexs-cdlc-workshop/ ----Go to see what's coming next and to vote on new content, Thanks!----

  22. Oh cool, I didn't know this existed, thanks. I'm working on The Trees, Lessons, Fly by Night (song), and The Main Monkey Business.
  23. OUT OF SERVICE :{ I focus on Progressive genres and I like getting bass charts as accurate as possible. Completed Works: (5-string bass) (6-string bass) Rush Haken Fates Warning Porcupine Tree Circumstances Premonition Monument Halo Freewill Shapeshifter I Am Malignant Narcissism Portals La Villa Strangiato Turn the Page Jethro Tull Scale the Summit Vital Signs Aqualung Redwoods Lessons Whales The Trees Alpenglow The Levitated (w/ guitar) The Olive Tree NEW! Black Hills Download Archive Works in Progress: :!: Discography Project :!: Works in Consideration: * = will be doing Update: (last June 8th, 6:27 PM) When making suggestions, I want people to keep in mind that my time is limited. When making choices I will always gravitate towards a song with a fun/busy bass line, thanks. This list probably looks like shite unless you're using Google Chrome.
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