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    my small equipment: 3 electric guitars (Fender 3 pickups, Les Paul 1 pickup, and beauty custom made guitar with 2 pickups - special for heavy metal / rock playing), 1 acoustic guitar, 1 bass 4-string pro guitar
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  1. not so very much "one click" option :lol: :lol: but THANKS :lol:
  2. thanks for r1341 :) btw: is there any EASY way to do something opposite to adding leading silence (I mean cutting first part of audio and to KEEP ALL THE NOTES IN THE RIGHT ORDER with all tempo changes too)? Now when I cut part of audio before the song begins I am losing all the tempo changes I have done for the whole song. maybe there is a solution for that? :)
  3. sorry for question: is there an option to MOVE notes together with TECH notes? till now I move separately notes and then TECH notes, but maybe I miss something here what I should know :)
  4. last days I noticed additional file in the directory where EOF is located: the file name is: eof.clipboard is it important? or can I delete it?
  5. well, I have only link to 1324b2 version, so at this moment it is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g6r6rhndhe1jp3g/eof_hotfix_(r1324b2).zip I have 1327 unpacked only in my directory
  6. I got the same problem, I think it will be solved very soon :) till then use 1327 it works ok for importing
  7. comparing 1327 to 1328 version, do you have problem with importing gpro tabs? in 1327 I did not have problems, while in 1328 EOF is crashing sometimes (tried the same with 1327 and works fine, also tried previous versions and do not crash, only with 1328 while importing it crashes)
  8. click directly just one address (I see there are two joined) http://www.t3-i.com/apps/eof/downloads/eof-1.8rc9-macosx.dmgand http://www.t3-i.com/apps/eof/downloads/eof_utilities.pkg
  9. thanks mate, as always great work @@raynebc :)
  10. thanks raynebc, great work as always :)
  11. amazing work done in this update raynebc, thanks :)
  12. thanks raynebc for all the updates :)
  13. yeah, the new dark theme is exactly what I was talking about some time ago :) thank you
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