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  1. "The Way To Heaven" Buckethead will be released within 2 days (it is almost ready now) I need to test it
  2. next release I am working on is: "Way To Heaven" Buckethead it should be ready in November-December (may be before December 15, because I am busy last days) and 2 more customs this year (I hope) :)
  3. next custom information: Buckethead - Rim of the World (lead, rhythm and bass) after 2-3 days it will be ready
  4. this is why I recom. doing backups at least one time per week (all partitions), it is fast backup if you select option "Incremental backup" just to add only files changed from last backup this way you can go back to previous state - when everything worked ok. btw: if you reinstalled RS2014 and there is still the problem it may be something with the system (Windows 7 or whatever you use), maybe sound/graphic settings/drivers in the system (try to remove all customs too and run again, but I guess you did it already)
  5. ready: ARTIST...............: Buckethead TITLE................: City of Woe YEAR.................: 2010 ALBUM................: Shadows Between The Sky :)
  6. if you have good tabs let me know I have to skip Smashing Pumpkins "soot and stars" for now, because the tabs are not good too (maybe I will try again later in October to do this one) I will be doing Buckethead this month, at least 2 customs
  7. it would be cool to have RS2014 working with a tablet :lol: :lol: but it may be a problem with USB port (power) and extension mini or microUSB to USB needed (if it works with longer cable?)
  8. I have found new solution :lol: I am zooming out only when I need to click something from the top line :lol:
  9. indeed - zooming out SOLVED THE PROBLEM:lol: :lol: but now hard to read small text :lol:
  10. so I have to use direct links from my browser history now just to access my profile or to sign out, etc... :lol:
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