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  1. I was wondering if there is anyone currently working on this one?
  2. Same for me. Ignition is only working for me on the Google Chrome Browser. If using either Firefox or Windows 10 Edge, the link puts me right back to a login screen, even though it shows that I'm already logged in above! Google Chrome is however working fine! I hope the info helps to isolate the problem! Thanks for all the hard work! It's very much appreciated! :)
  3. Congrats to everyone involved! You've done an outstanding job in quickly getting the site up, running, and on the right course! My hats off to you all! May your successes continue and multiply many times over!
  4. Pop ups and a 1 time auto download of an .exe file detected as a virus and quarantined by my antivirus has been my experiences. I have learned to be extremely careful when downloading from the site!
  5. Yeah, perfect suggestion IMO. I think I like the first option most Totally, i agree with this opinion of that opinion :cool:. I concur! Some great ideas in this thread! Placing a Folder in the "Work in Progress" section of the forums, where individuals can voluntarily post their projects to be worked on by "subject mater experts", is a good idea! Give credit to the original poster and the team of "experts"! Allow certain "experts" or persons with a higher quality submission level, as judged by said "experts", be the "testers" as well! The "testers" job would be to verify the "experts" work as complete and all other individuals postings who wish to voluntarily submit them for "TESTING AND RATING"! I believe that only the "tester" should do the rating and that the rating should reflect the level of completeness only! Perhaps it might even only consist of a check box indicating complete! Individuals should still be allowed to continue to submit in the current path and maintain full credit. This could be the path say, for an individual that only wants to play Base and is not concerned about the other tracks. They are not interested in being rated, they just want to play Base! And Finally, THANK YOU, to everyone who is working on and submitting songs! Please keep up the good work!
  6. I have voted yes! I believe that if an "approved" tag/column were added to the current CDLC Search list, to distinguish those that have reached the official DLC level of completeness and have been verified, it would make it fast and helpful for everyone! Keep in mind that many of the submitted songs won't have all 4 tracks (L,R,B,V). Some may only have one, a solo instrumental for instance. If done properly and otherwise complete, this should still be verified and "Approved"! I also think that the creators of the content should do the DD while packaging. The chances are that it is a noob like me that needs the DD and is also not very familiar with the toolkit! Where it would take the creator a minute or two, it would take a noob/me several just to find the instructions. Thanks for reading my 2 cents worth! Thanks to everyone who is working on this outstanding educational music system! :)
  7. This past Christmas (2013), @ Guitar Center, I purchased for my Son, an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro for About $460 total, with the standard Epiphone hard case. That is a new Guitar with the full Gibson/Epiphone warranty! This LP Custom Pro, all black with gold hardware, came with the push/pull knobs for coil tapping the PAF Humbuckers, as well a a push pull knob for the out of phase coils "Peter Green Mod" that came installed stock (think Gary Moore's guitar sound)! A very sweet and fully loaded guitar to be sure! In talking to a lot of LP players before buying this guitar, almost universally, I received the same tips; 1. Buy a Les Paul "Standard" or "Custom" model. They start out with a better quality of wood than the "Studio" or "100" models. 2. Buy from a local source where you can play and carefully inspect the guitar before you buy. If this is not possible, then only buy from major reputable online retailers who offer complete refunds! 3. If you cannot afford a good/great LP guitar now, then buy one that has the best body/neck (wood quality) as upgrading everything else can be relatively easy later on! Another good tip that I received was that if we found a LP we liked from someone or somewhere that we didn't want to buy from, ask our local store to order that guitar for you or if its a large music store chain, find out if another branch has it in stock. Also ask the store about upcoming sales. often times, stores will have price wars and you can be the winner! Hope it helps, Good luck!
  8. As Someone who is just beginning guitar, I am left unsure as to where to start with so many great songs available and more coming each day! Where would you begin? What are the top songs that beginners should look to play first? Are those songs currently available as CDLC or in the original song list? Thanks for your answers! And Thanks to all those that are contributing to this wonderful educational project! :grin:
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