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Rocksmith Championship Week 396

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This was long difficult week for me...

however I was able to play a little bit despite the fact my injured arm is killing me.

I just cannot stop playing 😉 every week i tell myself to have a week break but it is stronger than me 😄

Anyway these are my class songs:

This one is almost like rhythm, with one section of arpeggio. it would be easier to play if there is a hand shape set for it.



For this one I could not get those chords. I was able to get above 90% only because playing standard chords, not as per tabs 😉 cheating?.. neah.....



As I asked last week I will try to move back to Intermediate in bass. we'll se how it goes. It may appear it will be very little challenging and I will move up again shortly... or not ;)... we'll see...

this weeks bass was a huge fun, I am not a big fun of Foo Fighters, but this song rocks... for both bass and rhythm... i didn't know it before.

I don't know how many times I played this one in bass. There was always a note or two I had to miss somewhere.... 




and now the other classes:

As I mentioned before this one is cool enough so i could not miss it, even if the score is not as good as i would like it to be,

The odd thing is when I was playing with sound levels set up in the way I actually heard my guitar, it sounds pretty close to original what I have played, but for whatever reason RS doesn't agree with me 🙂


for bass beginner i did not pay too much attention to it.

nice riff... i played it twice in score attack, didn't bother to do anything better.


for advanced bass again, no way i can compete here... did my best but still not as god as i wish...



nice week... cheers...


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aaaarrgh, fxxed up the end





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Gonna blame last week on the totally not at all healed shoulder injury instead of me just forgetting to upload my screens.


Some first tries and me getting annoyed because I've 100% I get Around in the past, might pitch shift the tuning on the MC and give it a try before the deadline. Couldn't get the U2 link to work but it's U2 so whatever 😛







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