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  1. Gonna blame last week on the totally not at all healed shoulder injury instead of me just forgetting to upload my screens. Some first tries and me getting annoyed because I've 100% I get Around in the past, might pitch shift the tuning on the MC and give it a try before the deadline. Couldn't get the U2 link to work but it's U2 so whatever
  2. Actually getting to the point injury-wise where I can play for (slightly) extended periods again so have some first tries :O)
  3. Hey y'all, just gonna drop this here as a general still alive notice. Had a shoulder injury at the start of the month so only now getting back to being able to play 1-2 songs relatively pain free. Will probably not be contesting any masterclass songs any time soon at least
  4. Ended up with less time than I had hoped today so let's just pretend this screenshot is from today and I had no intention at all of improving before submitting :7
  5. One of these weeks I'm gonna get to play more than 20 minutes without my shoulder acting up. Not really making a good case for my current class atm :s
  6. Busted shoulder week pt 2 so barely been playing, could probably pull off a couple of 100%'s more but don't really feel like torturing myself
  7. :7 Was gonna make this the week I finally learnt Spain but haven't played nearly enough so can't go beyond 75% speed on it. Maybe some day >_>
  8. This week's cheeky first tries. Might have known one of these by heart already
  9. I'm pretty early with submitting by my standards, ran into note recognition issues so went for the pitch shift instead.
  10. Working nights in -15 this week so not a lot of energy left over for playing, the MC is way beyond me and I keep striking out at the ~16m part of Octavarium
  11. Rocksmith has 0 interest at all when it comes to detecting the 20th fret-sections so probably as high a % I can get without them. Will try to sneak in a couple of the other songs if the thread is still active post-dinner :7
  12. Genuinely the first "advanced" song I learnt on bass, although I haven't really played the whole thing in years so the mid-section threw me off a bit. Superbusy the rest of the week and got a recurring weird buzz in the rocksmith cable atm but will hopefully have time saturday to get a slightly better score at least
  13. Fun fact: I spent my teenage years as the 4th worst drummer in a five piece (mostly) AC/DC cover band. I was also the drummer. Finger pickers represent.
  14. Last minute improvements! Edit: Might as well throw in the only other song I played this week
  15. Busted my shoulder at work so celebrating the first week in masterclass by playing pretty much nothing at all Folklore was fun though, gonna give the 1st part a closer look by Saturday if I'm doing better.
  16. Three .74's in a row makes jack a dull boy (and give up on the 100% grind).
  17. Some cheeky pre-F1 first tries. My nerdy ass 100% had Melissa on a mp3-player when I was in middle school so that was a fun blast from the past.
  18. Higher 99 this time around so I guess forgetting to screenshot is the goto tactic from now on
  19. I guess a small bit of progress to celebrate is going from 90ish to 95 on Cities on Flame compared to half a year ago, main riff still a bit too quick for my fingers though. Had a 99 on the Megadeth that I straight up forgot to screenshot so that's gonna be fun to go for again
  20. Busy week so not much to show! Genuinely really dislike Aero Zeppelin so ended up playing King Crimson instead every time I launched the game to give it a try The bends on Cut the Cord had no interest at all in registering, blaming that on a bass in desperate need of a truss rod adjustment (definitely having nothing at all to do with my poor bending skills)
  21. Slight improvement, them small variations in the main riff keeps throwing me off -_-
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