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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 380


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It seems like this page is a bit pressed during the evening (European time). Anyways... I didn't do the "easy" songs any better, but I had some success (relative) with the advanced song (not sure about the categories anymore).


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Hmm... last post was a day older, but I seem to have forgotten to press submit...

Oh well... Yesterday I managed to get one of the song a bit better. But it was a frustrating process. Especially while the problems where a long way in to the song. So I had to play a lot before getting failing the usually place.

But I'm very happy with the result:


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@Hyphemaas my witness, there is something seriously messed up with my guitar/rocksmith/detection or whatever going on. On top of that, there are family/covid issues so my brain is not here. Anyway, there was an attempt. It's upsetting because I know, and you know, im better than this. I just might quit. These issues are just piled on stress.


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On 2/1/2021 at 6:49 PM, diceslinger said:

I hate to see people feeling like their songs aren't ever picked, but I understand the frustration.  I have started helping set up the new weeks, and man, it is quite a bit of work!  When no one has time to screen songs for the week we get a Da Capo week from the past.  This is getting more frequent because there aren't a lot of us setting up the new weeks.

So, what can be done to make this easier and get your songs picked?  Here are some of my thoughts from my few years participating in the Championships.

1. Check if there is an Official DLC version for the song you want played.  We can't choose songs with ODLC unless they are on-disc songs from RS2014.  If you put a song that has ODLC on the selection sheet it will never be picked. 

2. Before you add your song to the selection spreadsheet play it through on all 3 paths.  Check that they are in sync on each path.  Is the chart good?  Rate each path, even if it is only a rough "beginner, intermediate, advanced" type of rating.  It doesn't have to be perfect, but rated songs are easier to plug into a week quickly.

3. Find beginner songs.  If you want your songs picked more, the biggest need is for beginner class songs.  Intermediate and Advanced always get a lot of songs selected, but beginner we usually don't have very many to chose from.

4. To help out more you can rate other songs on the song selection spreadsheet.  When different people rate a song it is easier to get an accurate rating for a given song.

5. Volunteer to help set up weeks or update the spreadsheets.  Many hands make light work, especially since we all have lives outside of the Championships.

6. Be respectful and courteous in your comments.  We all want rockin' tunes to play each week, but if we can't have civil discourse it drives people (both participants and organizers) away.   (This isn't a comment on anything specific, just a reminder)

7. Keep in mind that the songs picked each week are generally selected randomly unless it is a Da Capo week or a themed week that someone comes up with.  The dice gods are sometimes fickle.  (My unlucky dice cleansing rituals will require a separate much longer post)

Ok, the public service announcement is over.  Please resume your regularly scheduled ROCK!

Really don't want you to think I'm upset about not having any songs picked, cause I am not. Had I been, I would of told someone.  I have always been respectful to everyone.

I only play Bass because of a handicap. I don't have a interest in L or R, at the moment. If all this championship is about, is playing all three than I will resign, and just play my heart out without it.  It would seem my comment has been elevated to a new level, even upsetting to some. This was not my intension and Apologies to anyone who was!

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@SpankNass - playing bass only is absolutely ok!!! Don't quit, just keep rocking.


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On 2/5/2021 at 6:51 PM, diceslinger said:

Thanks for pushing me on the solo.  With the song in G major it was mostly a pentatonic Em solo.  But it was interesting just looping that section and playing, I found a solo emerging, and that was cool to see.   

What is next....hmmm.  So I have two thoughts:

We could do just another straight learning a song.  For this maybe 7 Nation Army by the White Stripes, or Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple?  

Or, There are few songs that I think would suit the "spoken word" style we have been messing around with.  I'm thinking more of a cover with a different feel.  These are not really guitar heavy songs, but it might be interesting to see what we can do with them.  This strays a bit from our initial idea for these challenge songs, so I want to know if that is something you are interested in.  Two Cadillacs by Carry Underwood (but I really don't care for her version) caught my ear recently, or something by Leonard Cohen might work.  Bird on the Wire or Everybody Knows come to mind.  Blake Shelton's Ol' Red could be fun too.  I must be in a story telling song mood.

Yay. Well of course we go story telling. As vocals seem to be becoming our strong sides we should put the focus... i already know our next song ... hah.

Well the easy way would be Cohen Everybody knows here for me, but i chose the stony path... let's go for the Cadillac and see how that song was really meant to be performed..


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