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  1. might be too late, but had a ton of work and forgot to upload. didn't skip the week again
  2. Nearly eight minutes of only using two fingers to play the Angel of Salvation bass part - that's impressive!
  3. i was sure this was a more accurate run : P i kinda wish this was tabbed how Flea seems to play the song - sticking to the tone of playing higher on the lower strings instead of forcing the D- and G-strings so much
  4. (played each note with an undue amount of intention and managed to have it barely detect everything, which i honestly didn't expect) (I feel like I could play this song all day!)
  5. (something is off about the detection or the tracking not being quite synced for the first third of the song - keeps telling me i'm early/miss on simply an open D. nice song though) (...not sure if my fingers will recover in time to try and improve this lol)
  6. check your intonation when tuned down - definitely helped me to tweak it; the detection is not perfect, even when it sounds great as you play
  7. the slides - namely the "3 -> 10 ->8 -> 7" part just *wants* to not detect notes... but definitely better than it had been in the majority of the song
  8. definitely a detection difference - feel like i played sloppier
  9. got out alan wrenches and philip's heads - intonation def needed adjustment; nearly a half step(and octave) difference from open to 12 on the string tuned to C!
  10. string detection issues on that, unfortunately. love the song though
  11. good lord... I should not have tried the Stevie Wonder song first! My hands are dead now. They died at around the 5:00 mark. I swear the bass player is a cyborg! I think that song is a 9 bass at least - combo of difficulty (tough riff that varies) and sheer length - don't fight me on that lol
  12. at least so i have a score for the song: i'm happy with that also pretty happy with this
  13. ...forgot to screenshot the Dua Lipa song, apparently
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