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  1. didn't remember to take a screenshot for it, and don't know if i can bring myself to play 10,000 Days again. such a slog, and I skipped over this song every damn time I listened to the album
  2. FYI, I noticed Band on the Run (bass track) was giving me misses on the A string in the middle of nowhere - there were literally two notes *not being displayed at all*, somewhere in between the 1:25 and 1:35 marks. Hope that helps anyone else frustrated at being deprived a 100%
  3. Just made me wonder (i know the message is just based on %, but)...what is "par" for this famously nightmarish bass solo? lol
  4. suppose i shouldn't wait to post, since there doesn't seem to be a standard, accepted UTC-time deadline on Saturday...
  5. Hopefully I can avoid a last moment score attack fail and can post a successful Skeleton' run
  6. lol dammit... gave me a strike 3 on LAST phrase of Skeleton on Your Shoulder, as i hit final note!
  7. personally, I could understand this as a 6.5 or 7
  8. Just throwing it out there; "She Wolf" seems to require more movement and quite a bit more endurance than a typical 5. Easy to remember the riff, but not easy to play for 3 mins.
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