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  1. i know i missed the cutoff, but i got a good sleep! just posting because i didn't skip playing - they were mostly fun. Nice picks for a summertime week!
  2. Fun week of songs to play!!! for me; "i get around" seems like a ~6.5, "bad reputation" a 7, and "jato unit" *probably* an 8
  3. i really can't stand this song anymore - too close to a meme in and of itself at this point - couldn't run the risk of an unsuccessful playthrough, so I did learn a song lol it...won't get played again
  4. ...getting a miss on the first note (7 on the A string) of the main riff, every time. i'll give it a couple more tries to explicitly enunciate the notes for the detection's sake, til it gives me the >98% i feel like i'm playing it at already. sigh. yeah, idk wtf - felt like i legitimately and honestly missed maybe 2 or 3 notes on that runthrough. no more complaining. fun to play (...though not to listen to Dio sing over and over :| )
  5. didn't remember to take a screenshot for it, and don't know if i can bring myself to play 10,000 Days again. such a slog, and I skipped over this song every damn time I listened to the album
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