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  1. Don't let the 3 fool you, i spent a loooooong time in riff repeater on this on I took a stab at this:
  2. So yeah. This is horrible and I hate it. I couldn't finish the Travis song because i just couldn't stand to listen to it lol. Sum41 crashed the game and I was too lazy to redownload it. Camel I only played twice and my brain is just refusing to go the g string. Oh well, i tried.
  3. I'm back. I finally figured out (the majority) of the issues I was having. Remember kids, if your bass/guitar has an EQ.. check the damn battery... that said, I am a little rusty so I need to dust off. Here's some No Doubt. I played it a bunch more but this is still my best so far. The crazy harmonic can kiss my butt ^_^
  4. @Hyphemaas my witness, there is something seriously messed up with my guitar/rocksmith/detection or whatever going on. On top of that, there are family/covid issues so my brain is not here. Anyway, there was an attempt. It's upsetting because I know, and you know, im better than this. I just might quit. These issues are just piled on stress.
  5. Take a look at this thread. It has info on song selection and the list.
  6. No awards for sure but that's my fault for not practicing enough. First rule of Lonesome Rider, we do not talk about the first playthrough
  7. Yet again I played and forgot to post scores. sigh.
  8. I swear, the note detection issues I have with this game make me want to uninstall the god damned thing. It sucks seeing low scores knowing you did better, and are better, but the damn game says nahhhhh.
  9. I know how you feel man. Playing my bass and KNOWING I'm playing correctly but the game telling me I'm not is frustrating as hell. Low tuned songs are the worst and the stuff I like to play is all tuned down. I tell @Hyphemaall the time it makes me want to just quit. So far I've been too stubborn to do so. So, just know that you are not alone and the struggle is real. We should start a support thread for being pissed off at the game ^_^
  10. I'm still taking it easy on my arm. I played a few songs this week. low note detection is the devil
  11. I wasn't able to play last week since im still recovering from a back/shoulder injury. Hopefully I can play this week.
  12. This weeks songs were painful for me.. no, literally painful. I've jacked up my shoulder/shoulder blade/neck and playing felt like my arm was getting ripped out of my body. I had to just quit part way through the advanced song but I needed scores so here they are:
  13. Not a not of time this week again. Just a quick crappy play of each
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