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  1. First run-through for lead. I like to see that Rhythm is a different track than lead this week.
  2. I was only able to run through these once this week. Except for Bicentennial. I played it earlier this week but forgot to screenshot it I guess. Didn't matter, got the same % anyways.
  3. Had to give this one a go. I'm temped to check out more songs from them now
  4. Got it! I figured there was something I was missing. Gonna have to start paying attention to those streaks.
  5. @ nlbsmglsk Whew that was tough lol. I had no clue it was almost 15 minutes when I started it. It just kept going and going. @ Bottledpat12 insane that you got 95 on a sight read.
  6. @ jellisjenius I also had a score of 94% on Rhythm MC last week. Is there a tie breaker I may not know about?
  7. Yea if he would have posted this a couple days ago, I would have too
  8. After three 91%'s in a row this morning, I fear I have hit my cap without going into RR. This has been a really fun song to play all week. I usually don't put so much effort into one song lol. It has been added to my favorites rotation for sure!
  9. Took about an hour and played all 3 paths a couple of times. I think I'm starting to burn out on this song lol.
  10. A little better. I'll probably attempt this song in Score Attack next go around. It'll be interesting to see if I can pass without 3 strikes.
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