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  1. First run-through for lead. I like to see that Rhythm is a different track than lead this week.
  2. I was only able to run through these once this week. Except for Bicentennial. I played it earlier this week but forgot to screenshot it I guess. Didn't matter, got the same % anyways.
  3. Had to give this one a go. I'm temped to check out more songs from them now
  4. Got it! I figured there was something I was missing. Gonna have to start paying attention to those streaks.
  5. @ nlbsmglsk Whew that was tough lol. I had no clue it was almost 15 minutes when I started it. It just kept going and going. @ Bottledpat12 insane that you got 95 on a sight read.
  6. @ jellisjenius I also had a score of 94% on Rhythm MC last week. Is there a tie breaker I may not know about?
  7. Yea if he would have posted this a couple days ago, I would have too
  8. After three 91%'s in a row this morning, I fear I have hit my cap without going into RR. This has been a really fun song to play all week. I usually don't put so much effort into one song lol. It has been added to my favorites rotation for sure!
  9. Took about an hour and played all 3 paths a couple of times. I think I'm starting to burn out on this song lol.
  10. A little better. I'll probably attempt this song in Score Attack next go around. It'll be interesting to see if I can pass without 3 strikes.
  11. The last minute or two are a lot of fun to play. @ Rodman I played this to see about the tapping you were talking about and like Mikson said, that part is just a finger stretch.
  12. Yea that 5 to 9 stretch on guitar is way different on the bass. I have a 24 fret guitar and bass and the bass is about 6in (15.24cm) longer.
  13. Well, When I say that stretch is possible, I guess it depends on a couple of things. Like your fret board size and hands. Playing x10x9 transitions to the next chord, x8x9 better anyways.
  14. The stretch is possible with index finger on blue and pinky on orange. It could have been charted wrong. Much easier to play 10th fret on A string and 9th fret on G string. How often does that chord show up in the song? What song is it?
  15. Man this is a tough song to play more than once in a row lol. Think my arm is gonna fall off.
  16. Yea I do have a few mods on. And that is more than likely what causes the crashes. I'd rather deal with the crashes than not having some of these amazing mods though. And I think I figured out what is causing it. It's when I change paths from within Score Attack and then skip tuning really fast. I'm gonna try to play around with it later and see if that is 100% the cause.
  17. Nice! I'll give them a few more tries sometime in the next couple of days. I'll be honest with you though, I'm not big on playing the same song over and over lol. Unless I really like it. So I usually just do a sight read or two before uploading my scores. I never really expect to win. Also, it's been a while since I've done this but last year I thought we had to play the songs in Score Attack for it to count. Just wondering if that rule changed. Going into Score Attack crashes my game a lot. So I hate doing that as well. Takes forever to boot back up. But it is the most accurate way to get your score so I see why it was the rule. Happy shredding!
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