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  1. Oh the feels... It's like I'm in high school again, driving around in my crappy truck listening to AJFA on my tape deck.
  2. Hey, it's snowing in here! That's pretty cool It's been a few weeks since I've played RS and it felt good! For some reason it seems like my PC has been lagging super bad, including Rocksmith (which it never used to do), ever since my last Windows update. Randomly my computer will stumble over itself for a good 30-60 seconds. On Rocksmith it's usually after I finish a song or when I'm on a main menu. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Merry Christmas!
  3. I fell off the wagon again. No scores here. Christmas week will be a different story
  4. I took an unplanned trip out of town Friday so I have no scores to post. That's what happens when you put things off until the end of the week!
  5. Friday night results... I scored a 97.74 but forgot to hit the f12 button. Turns out I got the same score on the next try.
  6. Your images don't show for some reason. At least for me they don't.
  7. I almost considered this a bye week due to the holiday but I got some plays in before the deadline. Maybe I'll get some lead and rhythm in depending on time. I almost forgot to mention how superbly funky this song was. Epico!
  8. I second what Necromantis said. Customsforge rules! The amount of work put in by everyone is amazing. So many things that I have zero clue how to do so I'm glad that someone does them, lol. The RS Championship is my favorite part of the week. I just can't believe it took me so long to finally try it out.
  9. I bumped myself up to MC Rhythm. This jam has got me all funked up. This was stuck in my head all week. I like it!
  10. Thanks Anwyn. I'll give that a try. I'll try recalibrating and see how it goes. I feel like my tapping is decent enough to where there shouldn't be 20+ misses, even at slower speeds, but that is a good point and another thing for me to check out. Thanks meelo.
  11. Any tips for note recognition during the tapping? I'm hitting the notes but it seems like there is a lot more missed notes than there should be. Maybe I need to tap and pull off harder. Maybe active pick ups would work better. Or maybe I'm not playing it as well as I think I am, lol.
  12. Busy week. Got some Saturday morning tries in.
  13. No scores yet, but I got some new threads in the mail!
  14. Ahhhh, that is great to know. Thanks! I downloaded the song manager, EOF, and the RS toolkit. Time to do some tinkering.
  15. Dynamic difficulty is turned off in the game settings. I have always thought DD to be a waste of time. It makes more sense to play the full song at slower speeds than to play a percentage of the actual notes. I assumed that even when DD was turned off that you had to level up the song in RR when playing it for the first time. Is there a way around this in Learn a Song? I'm attempting to download the CF Song manager but I'm running into some roadblocks. This probably isn't the correct thread to ask a bunch of question though.
  16. Dynamic difficulty was turned off. When I changed the difficulty in RR it only let me go so far in the song. It wouldn't let me access the area in the red circle. After that point, I had to let the song play through each individual section and change the difficulty from there. I couldn't just raise the difficulty, I had to drop it down to zero and then bring it back up to 100 otherwise it didn't work. Plus, if I moved the top marker to the left at all I had to wait for the song to play through again to get back to the later sections. Really strange... It should be good now so I'll give i
  17. I was hesitant to try a whole album because I wasn't sure if I was going to spend close to an hour stumbling over obscure chords. That was not that case. It was pretty fun! First time listening to Sabaton as well. The bass was also fun, but half way through the second to last song the difficulty dropped off. I know I put the entire song at 100% when I started but the sections were not visible. I tried to change it in Riff Repeater right after it happened (while still in the song) so I didn't have to start over but it wouldn't let me change that section. I don't know if this still counts
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