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Who have you seen live?


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What bands have you seen live? Who do you want to see?


I've seen way to many to list them all, but include Green Day, Papa Roach, Patent Pending, Avenged Sevenfold, Kill Hannah, Bowling For Soup, Busted, Halestorm, 30 Seconds To Mars, Fall Out Boy, The Pretty Reckless, Status Quo, Slash, Funeral For A Friend to name just some of them.


Seeing Halestorm tonight, this will be the 5th time i've seen them (2nd time in there own headline gig) and seeing Status Quo for the second time on sunday.



Would love to see My Chemical Romance, but unless they decide to reform I doubt that will happen.

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Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Marilyn Manson (twice), Seether (twice), Puscifer, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Gary Numan, Patrick Stump, Carina Round, Rob Zombie, Jonathan Coulton, Staind, Shinedown, Corey Taylor, Combichrist, Motley Crue, Foxy Shazam (twice), Three Days Grace (twice), Godsmack (twice), Young Guns, Sick Puppies, and Megadeth.


I've got tickets to see Linkin Park, AFI, and 30 Seconds To Mars in August, and then a few days after that I've got front row orchestra to see Soundgarden and, my favorite band, Nine Inch Nails.


I'm still waiting to see my other favorite, System Of A Down, but apparently they won't come near Florida. Also want to see A Perfect Circle and Scars On Broadway.


Edit on 11/24/17: I've now seen Soundgarden, NIN, Linkin Park, Puscifer again, Ninja Sex Party twice, TWRP twice, and Green Day. 

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Immolation, Jungle Rot, and Battersea.  I almost had the chance to see Gigan and Origin but their gigs were canceled for various reasons.


I would like to see Immolation again, and stand further away so I can hear all of the instruments lol.  But I still would like to see Gigan.  I also would like to see Rings of Saturn.

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- Shinedown (first concert evah)

- Zebrahead (2x)

- Amon Amarth

- Kreator

- Hatebreed

- Delain

- Sabaton (2x)

- Grave Digger

- Skull fist (o.a)

- Powerwolf (o.a)

- Soil(o.a)

- Iron Maiden (2x)

- Rammstein

- Aibourne

- Heaven Shall Burn

- Finntrol



I think thats about it.


O.a means Opening Act. Not that interesting, but i was there :P probably missed a few opening acts too.



EDIT: how the fuck did i forget

- Flogging Molly 2x

- Mooi Wark 2x


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3 Doors Down 2

Alestorm 1

All Missing Pieces 1

Alphabeat 1

Alter Bridge 2

Amaranthe 1

Avril Lavigne 2

Ball Noir 2

Battle Beast 1

Billy Talent 1


Buckcherry 1

Caro Emerald 1

Cesair 2

Crayven 12

Delain 7

Destine 2

Disturbed 2

Drive Like Maria 1

Elliot Minor 1

Epica 2

Evergrey 1

Fall out Boy 1

Gloryhammer 1

Go Back to the Zoo 2

Grave Digger 1

Guus Meeuwis 1

Halestorm 2

Hawk Eyes 1

Heideroosjes 2

Hit Me TV 1

Iron Maiden 2

Jonathan Coulton 1

Kamelot 2

Kelten Zonder Grenzen 5

KingFisher Sky 2

Kyteman 3

Labyrinth 2

Lauren Harris 1

Lindsay Stirling 1

Make Believe 1

Moke 2

More Cowbell! 1

My Chemical Romance 1

My Favorite Scar 1

Non-Divine 1

Nou En 1

Now, now every children 1

Orfeo 3

Pagan's Mind 1

Papa Roach 2

Paper Route 1

Paramore 3

Paul and Storm 1

Peter Pan Speedrock 1

Powerwolf 1

Rapalje 3

Ride The Sky 1

Rise to Remains 1

Sabaton 2

Scrum 2

Serenity 2

Shinedown 1

Sick Puppies 1

Simple Plan 2

Skullfist 1

Sonata Arctica 10

Sons of Seasons 1

Stream of Passion 1

System of a Down 1

Te 3

Tenacious D 1

Thaurorod 1    

The Vagrants 2

Three Days Grace 1

Triosphere 2

Vanishing Point 1

Violet 1

Wantwant 2

Weird Al Yankovic 1

Winterborn 5

Wintersun 1

Within Temptation 2

You me at six 1

Zebrahead 1


Some of these were opening acts, some others were at free festivals.

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In no particular order, and I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting:


Rage Against the Machine - Battle for Los Angeles tour

Jethro Tull

Dave Matthews Band

The Black Keys


The White Stripes

Eric Hutchinson

Jason Mraz

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Arctic Monkeys

Bon Jovi

Kid Rock

John Mayer

311 & Jay-Z

Method Man & RedMan - The Blackout tour

ICP ( I was 13...shut up.   :-P  )

Keb' Mo'

Anders Osborne

Ben Harper

Ziggy Marley




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I will list some highlights for you because I like you have seen too many to list.


My first show, Korn opened for 311 in '93 on the grassroots tour.


I have seen Dave Mathews many times. Godmsmack at least 9 times. Zombie (Both White and Solo), Chevelle, Seether, Halestorm, Five Finger Death Punch, Adellita's Way, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rev Theory, Hollywood Undead (who is bad ass live I might add), Cypress Hill, Manson, Slipknot, Stone Sour, Fall out Boy, Filter, Arron Lewis (Solo), Staind (many many times), Black Label Society, Alice in Chains (Both black and white singers), Nirvana, Bush, Julian K, Orgy, Blues Traveler, Candlebox, Cold, Crossfade, Papa Roach (I have pictures with them), and lots more that aren't coming to me right now.


I started seeing shows in High School and didn't stop up until a few years ago. My wife and I planned our vacations around rock festivals around the country for a while. The highlight though is a few years back she won a chance off the radio for an all access pass to Linkin Park. I got to go back stage and meet them, then was on the stage and in the camera pit during the show.






Some of them are blurry but you get the idea. I had a really crappy camera back then.

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That I can remember, in no particular order:

Beach Boys, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dropkick Murphys, Amazing Royal Crowns, Royal Crown Revue, The Shods, Honkeyball, Anti-Flag, Pinkerton Thugs, Lars & The Bastards, Rancid, Swingin' Utters, Johnny Rivers, AFI, Goldfinger, Earth Crisis, NOFX, Dillinger Escape Plan, Lunasa, Perfect Thyroid, Ziggy Marley, Blues Traveller, Mastodon, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Opeth, Dream Theater, Violent Femmes, They Might Be Giants, The Pogues, Cracker, countless regional & local bands 

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If I could remember them all, it'd be a pretty long list.

So, first and last - White Zombie, about 16-17 years ago; and Steel Panther, about 3 weeks ago.


In between, in no particular order: the Offspring, Megadeth, the Wildhearts, Kiss, Whitensake, Def Leppard, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden, Danko Jones, Backyard Babies, Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Manowar, Motorhead, AC/DC, Live, Hayseed Dixie, ZZ Top, Fear Factory, Rollins Band, Skunk Anansie, GnR(Axl & friends version), Alice Cooper, Slash, Duff McKagan's Loaded, Marky Ramone's Blitzkreig, Toy Dolls.... and a whole bunch of others that I can't find the tickets from(a fair few of whom have been mate's bands).

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Page and Plant twice, the rolling stones, reo speed wagon, styx, stevie  nicks, dave mathews, lenny kravitz, rusted root, blues traveler, screaming trees (6 times), gas huffer. black happy 7 times, green day (pre dookie), alice in chains twice (pre dirt and dirt tour), fugazi, metallica, jerry cantrell, hank III, hank jr, john lee hooker, soundgarden (pre major label) my sisters machine, gruntruck, skin yard 3 times, coffin break, TAD and others that time and drugs have erased from memory.


was lucky in that i live in the northwest and was in highschool in late 80's early 90's when the seattle scene was really taking off. got to see a lot of those bands before they were well known and cheap.


one of the best shows was pre dookie green day with gas huffer for 8 bucks.


been years since i've been able to see any shows and i really miss it :(

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Most of these I saw with @@Ally, but here's my full list, I was actually at a concert last night, and the night before


All Time Low (2013)
Black Veil Brides (2013)
Bowling for Soup x7 (2011, 12 and 13)
Bring Me The Horizon (2013)
Chiodos (2013)
Dayshell x2 (2014)
Dollyrots, The (2012)
Erik Chandler (2013)
Fearless Vampire Killers (2013)
Frightened Rabbit (2013) (Saw them in a tent at Leeds Festival while hiding from the rain)
Green Day x3 (2009, 2013)
Halestorm x2 (2014)
Harry Radford (2013)
Hill Valley High (2013)
Kaiser Chiefs (2013)
Lacey (2013)
Mo (2013) (Also saw at Leeds Festival while hiding from the rain)
Orange (2012)
Patent Pending x7 (2012, 2013) (Also seeing them 3 times later this month)
People on Vacation (2013)
Prima Donna (2009)
Sights, The (2012)
Smoking Hearts, The x2 (2014)
Suburban Ledgends (2012)
System of a Down (2013)
Tenacious D (2012)
Tonight Alive (2013)
While She Sleeps (2013)


Detailed list on my last.fm at http://www.last.fm/user/jpeters8889 in the right hand collumn

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...wow i feel like a casual :c


I've only seen Bon Jovi a couple to a few years ago. I'm going to Avenged Sevenfold on the 16th though. Super excited for that.


My Canadian geography might not be great, but isn't Saskatchewan kind of out of the way? I'm not saying your neighbours are a moose and a tree or anything...

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Linkin Park                                               Avenged Sevenfold

Theory of a Deadman                              Bullet For My Valentine

Hilary Duff                                                Breaking Benjamin

Avril lavigne                                             Fit For an Autopsy

Hey Ocean  (x25)                                    Leif Vollebekk

Papa Roach                                            Dawn Pemberton

Pop Evil                                                   Peach Pit

Age of Days                                             Louise Burns (x2)

Billy Talent                                                KOSM (x2)

Sum 41                                                    Threat Signal

One More Girl (x5)                                   Valinor Excelsior

Prince                                                       Kobra And The Lotus

Mutemath                                                 Little Destroyer

Epica (x2)                                                 David Beckingham (x2)

Delain (x5)                                                Insomnium

Sonata Arctica  (x2)                                  Oceans of Slumber

Xandria                                                     Gross Misconduct

Kreator                                                      Ashleigh Ball (x2)

Huntress                                                   SCANDAL 

Arch Enemy (x2)                                       John Paul White (x3)

Good For Grapes                                      Within Temptation

The Boom Booms (x2)                              Payale Royale 

Mother Mother (x6)                                    Beasto Blanco

Seether                                                      Redlight King

My Darkest Days                                       Kamelot

Bush                                                          Amorphis (x2)

Nickelback                                                 Anneke van Giersbergen (x2)

Alestorm (x3)                                             The Hu

Swashbuckle                                             Sumo Cyco

The Dread Crew of Oddwood                   The Browning

Nightwish                                                   Jinjer

Sabaton (x2)                                              Aephanemer 

Lindsey Stirling                                          Ravenous       

Amaranthe (x2)                                          Arrival of Autumn

I Prevail                                                      Red

Santa Cruz

Our Lady Peace

Wes Mack

Madeline Merlo

Blackgryph0n (x3)

Michelle Creber (x3)


The Agonist (x2)

Martina Edoff

Halestorm (x2)

Dear Rouge

Frazey Ford
Five Alarm Funk
The Zolas (x3)
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
Gay Nineties
Twin Bandit (x2)

Said The Whale (x4)

Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party
The Pack AD
Chin Injeti
Jocelyn Alice


the Katherines (x3)


Fleshgod Apocalypse

Arkona (x2)

In Flames (x3)



Failure Anthem

Citizen Zero

Cypher 16

Smash Into Pieces (x2)

Blood Stain Child

Roman So Words

Black Rose Kingdom



Iron Kingdom

West of Hell

Battle Beast (x2)

Leave's Eyes

Sirenia (x2)

Graveshadow (x2)

Mind Maze


Art of Dying



While She Sleeps

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Want To See - 




I saw Halestorm twice in two days last week, 3rd April in Sheffield (Where I live) and then the 4th in Manchester, they've been on my 'must see' list for a while now, and they were Amazing, far better than I expected, I hung round outside the stagedoor for an hour after both shows (and in the rain in sheffield!) and met I Lzzy in Sheffield, and the full band in Manchester.

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Christ. Let me see who I can remember.




Lamb of God

Napalm Death x 3

Judas Priest




Black Dahlia Murder x 2

New Found Glory

Four Year Strong

Audioslave (festival)

Foo Fighters (Festival)

Hayseed Dixie (Festival)

The Prodigy



Cannibal Corpse

Dying Fetus

Bring Me The Horizon




Set Your Goals

Death From Above 1979




A few more...


Biffy Clyro, Bowling for Soup, QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal, Goldie Lookin' Chain (if anybody remembers them!) As I lay Dying, Bleed from Within, Cerebral Bore, The Strokes


These were mainly as headline acts. There's a few that were support for another act on the list and one or two festival appearances. The number is well into the 100's now, but I really cant bring myself to remember most of them

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Oh man... not sure i can remember... I've been to probably 30 Ramones shows, maybe more, opened for them twice (HUGE thrill), seen Suicide at least a dozen times, lots of other bands from back then too (CBGBs, the Palladium, Mudd Club, Peppermint Lounge). Saw plenty of dinosaur rock too -- Aerosmith, Queen, the Who, etc. Worked at a nightclub in NYC for a while, so that makes about 300 shows that year alone... although I got kind of burnt out by concerts after that.


Nowadays, I prefer watching no-name bands playing in little bars. Something about all that hard work for nothing,,, to me, that's rock n'roll.

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