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  1. I would think you'd want to finger the full chord and do an upstroke so you only hit the high strings.
  2. Some don't have dynamic difficulty included because the charters prefer it that way. You can add it yourself with the toolkit if you're so inclined.
  3. These guys are probably a safe bet for older stuff: http://customsforge.com/topic/15575-classic-rock-coalition-home-page/ I've done sone 50's-70's stuff too (link below)
  4. No. According to the Mould Doctrine they would be Metallica songs and would be covers when Dave plays them.
  5. Bob Mould (Husker Du, Sugar) answered this for me by covering a song solo that he wrote and recorded with his band. http://www.avclub.com/video/bob-mould-covers-sugar-53053
  6. Buddy Holly Eddie Cochran Elvis Presley Gene Vincent Duane Eddy The Shadows
  7. I think it would probably be easier to have an "out of sync" flag. Otherwise, it would take forever to go through all the customs posted and then you would have people avoiding the ones that haven't been gotten to because they haven't been flagged as "well synced" yet.
  8. Check out the Shadows, the Ventures and Freddie King.
  9. I like DD and have included it in the customs I've done. If I download someone else's that doesn't have DD, I add it. If that doesn't work I throw it in the trash. I use mostly non-stop play and I'm focusing more on the mechanics of playing (switching chords cleanly, picking cleanly, coordination) than learning particular songs and I find DD helpful. I don't care if experts consider it an inefficient way to learn.
  10. That's a good question...where ARE the major bands? There's no DLC yet for the Raspberries, The Lemonheads, Matthew Sweet... I need my power pop dammit.
  11. As far as 90's punk goes, Offspring and Green Day got all the attention but in my opinion the Swingin Utters and Rancid should have. Also, Social Distortion.
  12. It's supposed to be next week's DLC. They screwed up and it slipped out early.
  13. I made my first guitar out of a milk carton and a paper towel tube. It had rubber band strings and I painted it green. It sounded like shit. Thirty years later I bought an Epiphone Les Paul and that sounds a bit better.
  14. I would like to not suck. Barring that, I would like to suck less.
  15. Here are the songs tagged as blues: http://customsforge.com/tags/ccs/blues/?search_app_filters[ccs][searchInKey]=database_3 There are probably more as not everyone tags their customs.
  16. I updated it just before creating the package. v2.6.1.0-c2e39b8d beta This dropbox folder should have everything you need to create the package: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qrm47xhb94b23nx/AADDmsmsh1LQupYITR5I39Nca?dl=0
  17. I got the following error message: It didn't actually generate the package though. No error log that I can find either.
  18. That's a lot of guitars...but what do you use for Open D? Open G? DADGAD? Looks like it's time to go shopping.
  19. I tried the rhythm and what I could actually play sounded good. It's a bit above my level without some riff repeating. Maybe it sounds busy because the guitar is mixed low in this song? I do have one suggestion. In the toolkit, change the Artist Title Sort field from "The Supremes" to "Supremes" so when you sort by artist in the game it shows up under "S" instead of "T". It will still keep the "The" but ignore it for sorting purposes. EDIT: Sorry, I meant the ARTIST title sort field, not Song title sort.
  20. I'd like to try it out but I'm having network card issues on my rocksmith computer and can't access the internet on it. I'll give it a shot when I get my access problems resolved.
  21. Think of it this way: you get to be part of the quality control process. I see this CDLC creation thing as community endeavor and this is where you fit into the machine. Thanks for helping test things out, komrade. Besides, posting stuff in the Workshop usually results in little to no feedback. Besides besides, I've seen people complaining (not that I think you are) that the something they're getting for nothing isn't good enough and that sense of entitlement bothers me.
  22. I get an email when a new version of a song I downloaded is uploaded. Does it send an email when a song is "bumped"? I can see that getting annoying.
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