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  1. Shame about no CDLC...as for a gaming laptop...got one! Trouble with that is, I have to keep bending over to use the touchpad...the cable between TV and laptop is too short! I already use it because my XBox 360 is still vanilla...no mods, I use my Desktop in my Man-cave for solo playing, and the laptop downstairs (or XBox!) to play duets with my daughter. :) Thanks for the reply in any case.
  2. OK, searched the forums, but cant find anything yet! Question is, will there be a way to stick CDLC's on an XBox ONE (or PS4, for that matter?) I am considering upgrading to a XBone for other games, and would like to be able to just play on one box, rather than clutter up the lounge! I *KNOW* that XBone is NOT compatible with XBox 360, due to the OS being based on Windoze rather than Linux, but I was wondering if (eventually) the _p.psarc files could be imported. I havent got an XBone yet, so havent had a chance to dig around in the file structure.. Surprisingly, Microsoft are not very forthcoming in replies to questions about reverse engineering their products!
  3. OK, so this has been bugging me for YEARS! A band consists of 5 members...call them A,B,C,D, and E Members "B" and "D" co write a song, which is released by that band, and becomes a hit. Years later, member "D" leaves that band and joins a different band...who ALSO release the song originally co-written by "D" Is this technically a cover version? Examples that spring to mind are: Dazed and Confused (Yardbirds/Led Zeppelin) , Mistreated (Deep Purple/Rainbow) Catch the Rainbow (Rainbow/Dio) I'm sure there are many more examples...but can anybody see my point?
  4. Massive YES from me...it makes choosing which tracks to download SO much easier!
  5. Gave you a few $$$ just for having the cojones to take on this project...If the improvements promised come to fruition, you will most certainly get more! It looks like it will be worth every cent! :)
  6. Great stuff! I dont know who has promised you thier bow, but you can count on my axe! (Sorry for the slight LOTR reference, but if its good enough for Zeppelin...[Ramble On]...then it's good enough for me!)
  7. Excellent idea! Anything that will help me learn and improve is welcome!
  8. Hi guys...I'm another one that was sorry to see the "demise" of Smithys Anvil...I have been a regular visitor since the old RS1 days...I wish Unleashed every success with this new venture, and if I can help in any small way, just let me know...I haven't got any specific capabilities other than willingness!Good luck to the new site!
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