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  1. Happy Birthday Absolution!

  2. Happy Birthday Absolution!

  3. I have never had a virus from a torrent. Back in the day before torrents, viruses were easily identifiable, because if you try to download a text file and it ends up being a .exe it was obvious it was a virus. With that said, I never download torrent packs for CDLC because many of the songs are badly made demos.
  4. First record probably was Six Feet Under: Maximum Violence and first concert was an Immolation one.
  5. I see that a lot as well. And I use a frethand mute as people describe here to mute the middle string. But I never like the way octaves sound. It could be my guitar but they rarely sound like what the song actually sounds like.
  6. Thanks for responding! I hope the next search engine doesn't become too difficult to program! :)
  7. My suggestion is instead of having a check mark in the dynamic difficulty search results, is to have the # of levels instead. I find that for the single level difficulty songs, if it is my first time playing it and I do not max everything, it will level me down on in general. I know I can adjust manually in riff repeater, but it can be difficult to decide which was the optimal one I was at before. Plus having the # of difficulty levels may encourage people to add more.
  8. Being a noob you had me going there for a second! Here is my thought process...At first I was thinking "ok nice amp effect." Then I was thinking "alright so where did those licks come from?" Then "Wait a second, I couldn't get that kind of tone from pure synth automated notes, and I havent seen anything close to that from a synth before!" Then I was thinking "OK this plug in must match the notes to some pre-rendered licks from a huge library." lol only makes sense that it is a april fools joke.
  9. Absolution


    I took an amplifier out of old PC speakers. Then I connected two speakers from an old stereo to it and run it through the headphone jack. I am thinking of using a diode to connect a subwoofer.
  10. I had some no-name strings for a while. They would tarnish, break, and sound horrible. So I switched to Ernie Ball's regular slinky. They buzz a little, but probably because I need to adjust the action on my guitar. But other than that they sound great compared to my other ones.Once I go through my stock of strings, I will attempt to get some higher quality ones.
  11. I think I need to study up on the theoretical basis of roots, 5ths, and 7ths in the creation of chords.
  12. Thanks for responding guys! I seen some cheap 5 strings at guitar center the other day. I was tempted in buying one for my wife (as she has played the 4 string for years), but I wasn't sure what she would use it for.
  13. I have a newb question. What is the advantage of having the 5th string? Do people mostly use it for downtuning or chords?
  14. I have had a lot of experience with MIDI files. I usually use this program when editing them http://www.anvilstudio.com/ . I remember merging midi files before, sometimes it worked great, sometimes bad if each one was at different tempos. My wife uses Synthesia, and I was surprised in the lack of a "customsforge" associated with it. Let me know if anyone starts one because I can contribute MIDIs. P.S. if you are having latency issues in Synthesia, having it synthesize through your keyboard (instead of PC) will usually fix it.
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