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  1. Happy Birthday Gierolf_Hvitrserkr!

  2. Happy Birthday Gierolf_Hvitrserkr!

  3. Happy Birthday Gierolf_Hvitrserkr!

  4. My band, Heathen's Crossing, just uploaded a new video to our youtube, watch, and enjoy all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9F2U1nvbZE
  5. like Milkmandan, when i started playing guitar (with rocksmith 2012) 2 - 2 1/2 years ago, i was severely chord challenged, i still am in a lot of ways, but about a year ago, i ended up buying my bass off an acquaintance of mine here in T.O and the more I play it, the more I love it. when it comes to rocksmith 2014, I have about 400 + songs on my list already, and depending on how well i know the song (I find music ive heard a few times is infinately easier to play then a song ive never heard before and trying to figure the notes out even from rocksmith) my first try can land me in the 95s - 100% on easy songs, more complex ones, usually with large shifts down the board for one reason or another, it usually takes me longer. but most of the others covered the main points. Guitar tends to be simplified into chords more then single notes, until solos. Bass playing is more like playing a long solo through the whole song, for good bassists anyway
  6. yeah the advantages are clear, the disadvantages are more price on the strings, the guitars tend to cost more period. and some 5 strings apparently do not like playing the low b in general (and we see the same issue in rocksmith all the time with the low b tunings apparently, I know my strings are too loose for B on my 4. hence why i want a 5 string) Im personally lookin for suggestions on brand + price range of a lower dollar point.
  7. well that shows 2 foretellings. one, that people bought it a lot, 2. that there are better basses out there both can be foreshadowing of two very different stories depending on how you look at it.
  8. every time I get some cash in my pocket, the idea of a 5 string bass comes into my mind. Currently I only own my 4 string BC Rich warlock Platinum series. though I have been looking around for a good 5 string that wont kill my back account. Any suggestions? (for reference currency is CAD) for 500 I found this, through reviews talk about the Open B on a standard chromatic tuning to be off and there is fret buzz, but im used to Fret buzz from my current BC rich. http://www.stevesmusic.com/guitars-and-basses/basses/esp-b-155dx-see-through-blue
  9. the only thing that rocksmith really loses to in terms of skill to time ratio, is being in a good band.
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