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  1. I will add this, whether or not a note lower than C works depends on if the tracker has added the low tuning fix. So some might work, and some might not.
  2. Cheapest i could find was this http://www.thomann.de/gb/lead_foot_aby.htm for 15 pound. This is excluding shipping. Price for including shipping to the UK would make it 22,90 pound. I realise this slightly above your budget but like i said, cheapest i could find. You gonna need someone else with a little bit more experience confirm it actually would work though :P
  3. I just get EVERYTHING and at one point ill find an artist i like and play those songs. Also, as an addition to LaceyB; Marvin Gaye, Rory Gallagher and should you be a bass player Victor Wooten.
  4. So, i came across a few unclaimed DLC codes today and thought this might be a good a place as any to try and give them away. - Lord of the Rings Online: Steely Dawn Starter Pack - Gotham City Impostors: Professional Kit So if anyone wants em, lemme know. Also, General game giveaway / trading thread. Want something? Want to get rid of something? post in here and you might get lucky. No guarantees though.
  5. You should never leave the chat. Period
  6. If you're looking for normal folks you're in the wrong place here mate. With over 6000 songs and more being added every day we probably got a load you'd like. Anyway, howdy and dont feel too shy to drop by in the chat. That will determine your future here. "you'll either leave right away, or stay long enough to see yourself become a regular."
  7. Like 90% of the people bitch about Robben now because he actually admitted in an interview he dove once. What those foreign papers dont meantion is that, that was at the end of the first half (IIRC) NOT the fall he got the penalty for. You could clearly see the opponents foot got in the way. He didnt dove once against costa rica. Damn one time he got double swiped by two guys.
  8. All very valid questons, and i can see why you ask them. To be fair, im surprised no one else has asked these before. I really think we should start something here with all these questions. We could even call it Frequently Asked questions, or FAQ for short. Dammit im brilliant.
  9. After last nights Netherland Vs. Costa Rica match i've gained bout 20 grey hairs and imma die 20 years earlier. Bloody hell.
  10. Have you tried using the search function?
  11. I looked up the video of it since i didnt see the match itself, but it appears that at the moment of passing the ball, the player from the USA was behind the player from Portugal. Ever so slightly. Pretty hard to see even.
  12. I am awesome, you got that right.
  13. http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/6603351/aa4e58d5/spain_1_5_the_netherlands.html
  14. Holy Fucking Shit Still cant believe how the Dutch team absolutely destoryed Spain last night. It was awesome
  15. Thanks to Fortarock last saturday i can now welcome - Caliban - Alter Bridge - Trivium - Slayer To the list of bands ive seen. And mark +1 for - Sabaton - Iron Maiden All in all, an awesome day.
  16. pics or it didnt happen
  17. Gotta do that in the toolkit. Load the psarc file up and change the name, then generate a new file.
  18. I dont know if this has been fixed but last i heard was even if you bought the DLC the latest DLC songs would still show up lock. However there would be a 2nd unlocked version that you could play The locked version is just their version of advertising the latest song. This might have been fixed though so i dunno. Otherwise you might just need to redownload them because you deleted them by accident.
  19. Netherlands is gonna get kicked out in the first rounds. Eh, probably Brazil / Argentina / Spain who is gonna win.
  20. Well i got a few more. In total the list has expanded from: - Fortarock - Megadeth - Steel Panther To; Those plus, - Amon Amarth - In Flames - Blind Guardian And i still need to buy tickets for - Hatebreed - Arch enemy / kreator / vader / sodom
  21. Few things. First of all, with me, the default steam install folder (where the games also went) was a temp folder. Fuck all clue why but thats what it was. Anyway, when you run CCleaner or something like that and it clears your temp. everything is gone. Now, for the losing of CDLC, you are sure that the CDLC are actually in the dlc folder and the .dll file is back? Since its a fresh install it wouldnt be there by default.
  22. TL;DR In all honesty, as a pretty beginner still, i prefer slowing it down instead of missing notes. Since like you said, you learn incorrect fingering.
  23. @@Joe Dont know if this has been said yet, cant be arsed to read the whole thread, but if you are on pc its pretty easy to get your old save back. Just go to where the save file is located, Which should be Steam / steamuser / steam ID number / 221680 221680 is the game ID number, just right click on it and select 'set back previous version' Or something along those lines. You should get a popup box with dates / times. Just select which one you want and BOOM, old save is back. Dont know if such a trick is possible on xbox / ps. Probably not.
  24. Better than 99% of the people on this site. Fucking hell, cant we just ban all people under the age of 18 forbid to learn any sort of skill? So we dont have to feel so fucking useless.
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