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  1. Thanks all for the suggestions. The story concluded with my sending the Cube Lite back to the shop who were unable to replicate the weird noises that I was getting from it all over my house as well as throughout my neighbour's house. Anyway, given that they didn't think it was duff, they let me part-exchange it for a Blackstar ID:Core 20 which arrived today and which is AWESOME! I feared the same buzzing, seeing as we never did figure out what was causing it, but it doesn't do it at all. Added to which it has way more features and 'voices' than the Cube Lite. So, it set me back another £60 but I couldn't be happier with the end result!
  2. Hi there - thanks for the reply. The thing is that the cheap amp that makes almost no noise is doing so in the exact same place, using the same power sockets, as the Cube Lite which is making the horrible din. That seems like a pretty big clue - which is why the power adapter vs inbuilt power lead caught my eye as a potential culprit... What do you think?
  3. Bump. That's right, I bumped my own post...
  4. I just wanted to say thanks for your thoughts on this. I managed to solve the problem by telling the pedal to 'clear' all recorded loops. Even though I'm pretty sure I hadn't recorded anything on the channels that were creating this whine, it seemed to do the trick. I do (sigh!) have another issue, so if you're feeling generous with your time, I'd certainly appreciate your thoughts on this.
  5. Hello all you helpful Customforgers, I've got a new query that I'd like some thoughts on. Since I decided to blow the dust off my guitar last year, I've been playing on a Roland Cube Lite. This is a solid state amp with 2 distortion channels powered by a proprietary 5.7 volt DC power adapter. The thing is that outside of the clean channel, with all gain turned down, it seems to suffer from almighty hum/buzzing. The more distorted you go, the worse the hum. I always thought that this was down to my guitar having P90s rather than humbuckers. However, I just tried out my girlfriends crappy Elevation EG-10J which was bundled for under £100 with a cheap guitar from Argos. I'm guessing it is also a solid state amp (given that people are selling them on Ebay for £15!) but this one has a 'proper' power supply - i.e. an plug and lead that are in no way detachable from the amp itself. To my surprise and horror, the buzzing is massively reduced from my more expensive Cube Lite - even when the overdrive is engaged and even with my P90s on my Gibson. I don't like the tone though so I think I'll be in the market for a new, cheap practise amp. Can anyone confirm or deny my theory that if it has an 'inbuilt' power supply, it'll be quieter on the buzzing front? Many thanks!
  6. Hi - thanks for your thoughts. I'm not too sure about the power adaptor but I do know that it came in the same box as the pedal so I would have thought it was the right thing. Yeah, I'm definitely not going to open it up. Hopefully I'll hear back from the supplier soon but I thought it might be something obvious that more experienced players might know about...
  7. I'm sure it isn't really - but it sure sounds like it! So today I took receipt of a Jamman Solo XT pedal. My first looper - very exciting. Anyway following the instructions, I have it plugged in to an amp and my guitar (so no elaborate multi-pedal set up) and as soon as I press the pedal to start recording a loop, an almighty high-pitched whine comes out of the amp. I tried a second amp with the same results. I tried a different guitar, same results. Even if it's not plugged in to any guitar, the pedal simply causes the amp to scream as soon as I press the pedal. This isn't some kind of low-level static or something like that - it's as loud as anything I might be playing and it is in no way comparable to the sort of static noise that comes from the amp when only the guitar is plugged directly into it. Anyone got any ideas?
  8. Yeah, the coating does come off, but only in certain places (like where you strum or near the frets) so overall they keep their helpful colour.
  9. My problem turned out to be that the game crashed if the realtone cable was plugged in on launch. Totally weird but easy enough to work around...
  10. My guitar teacher is coming round tomorrow... Shoulda been practising what he showed me, but I've been playing Rocksmith all day instead... Whoops!
  11. Well, just call me an accidental genius - I worked out what was causing the failure to launch. I have no idea why, but it is having the real tone cable plugged in before starting the game that is suddenly an issue. Start the game, then plug in - no problem! I thought I should post the resolution just in case it becomes helpful to anyone else...
  12. Yeah, cheers mate (see you do give a f-!) - I did find that and sent it to Ubisoft. I'm not hopeful though - I know they're just gonna tell me to reinstall everything without really knowing if that will actually help :huh: I really hate computers sometimes!
  13. I don't suppose anyone else has any ideas about this? It really does seem entirely random as to when Rocksmith will launch and when it won't. So damn frustrating... I'm loathed to reinstall steam and game because the internet just seems full of people who try that when faced with a similar problem, but it doesn't help - as if the problem lies deeper (I dunno maybe in the Registry...?) I guess I can take a ticket at Ubisoft, but I've heard they don't like to help those with any traces of CDLC and I'm not sure I know how to completely hide it!
  14. Oasis - Champagne Supernova.... Mad for it!
  15. Actually, my new theory was a red herring. It just started working again 'for no reason'.... It's so random.... Thoughts most welcome!
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