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  1. Hi, Has anyone noticed that their Mastery is really high on songs they have barely played? I have a number of songs that I went through and maybe hit the correct notes once but had loads of missed ones but it's marked me as 100% mastery! What is this dark magic!?! :D Are you getting the same?
  2. Cheers Rodders!! I did get the piano and I am on day 8 of a minimum of 15 mins a day. Simply piano it a great app and I feel I am making good progress. A strange thing has happened though I have actually picked up the guitar more!! I find that I am learning a riff slowly on the piano then picking up the guitar and doing the same. An the interest in music is strong right now. Discovered John Mayer - Neon last night OMG why did I not know this existed!! I'm doing some finger picking practice I really need to get that skill. In other news I found a interesting post on Reddit about using Rocksmith effectively, it's a lot of what people have already told be with a few tweeks. https://www.reddit.com/r/rocksmith/comments/4529dt/a_guide_how_to_use_rocksmith_efficiently_also/
  3. Happy new year Forgers!! another January is apone me and musical ambitions are still here. I have had a change of circumstances later part of last year so I plan on using the extra time I have constructively. I picked up the guitar for the first time in a few months and felt a bit lost straight off. Had a shocker on a few new songs that came up easy difficulty on the filter list. Cochise....I guess but working out how to place your fingers in the best way to hit the riff felt hard. Thought I could not finish on a low so the all time favorite "Do you wanna know" Arctic monkeys played a solid 85% felt better so finished with "fluorescent adolescence" will keep plugging getting the songs i like playing good sounding. I also bought a keyboard so I got hopes that progress on one will feed the other.
  4. I found a few times where DD actually made playing a song more problematic than it needed to be e.g. providing odd fingering, which when DD is increased to 100% turns out to a barred chord or similar, I find often the best route is crank DD to 100% and drop the song to 50% speed, then increase 10% each time you've nailed it completely, up until 80% then increase in increments of 5% speed. Yes I have tried DD and found that it changes the some too much. have 100% of the song chopped into sections with RR and know the speed down. This seems the best way to take it in. Cheers
  5. Doing good with the 10 min a day just picking up and trying to play this weeks championship song Insomnium - The Gale The lead path was not going well only 62% so I switched to rhythm and managed to get 82% Its not a hard song and with (D std) tuning I know some notes are not getting picked up still go confidence boost. When back to the lead path and made a little improvement. Relaxing the left hand move gets me to the notes quicker. On a side note I am also dabbling with some beginner piano. got a Flowkey free trial and been using YT channel HDpiano for learning sections of songs. Good way of finding practice time when away from a piano is load a app called perfect piano on the tablet. set it to 12 key view as this makes the keys the size of my real keyboard. I can practice on this with headphones in lunch hour or any other moment I get. I will try and link it to flow key today via a usb cable see if it works. Cheers
  6. Yes! and I have found that I get lost in a song if I exclusively use Rocksmith. I have made more progress going on youtube to a Justin or Marty tutorial and getting the cord and more importantly the strumming pattern. I think this is the thing that was kind of forgotten with this version of RS. They should have added a bunch of strumming pattern techniques in the lessons section and then they could tag them in the song to have same or similar. I tried the Championship beginner song (lead) this morning and RR the first section which took me about 15 mins to get 0 notes missed then blew the rest of the song. Not putting lots of pressure on myself to do hours of practice just a minimum of 10 mins a day, that seems to be helping. @@brubeck99 Sound's like if you play them on YT first then maybe turn on master mode and see if you need the screen? "Use the force Luke.... Let go" :)
  7. Feeling a little less of a beginner!!..... I really don't know what happened yesterday but I played a song. I had the evening to myself and sat in the lounge with my acoustic guitar. First some finger picking - the pattern the teacher showed me din not sound that good tbh second major chords - I tried holding the guitar differently. with it in between my legs resting on the sofa and the neck up near my face like classical. I found the changes easier and could see clearly my finger placement. strummed with my thumb ditched the pick for now. This was all going well so I though I would look up some songs on YT found a few ED Sheeran I love but out of my skill level at picking. Then remembered that many moons ago in my 20's I was trying to lead Good Riddance by Green day. Mary Music had it so put it on. I was actually keeping up with the chord changes!! strumming pattern was rough but still slowly changing chords and then getting faster was feeling good. looked up a few more songs and found myself watching the video then going on the guitar tabs app on my phone to find the chords and started to make the shapes. Even did F in places. 3 hours later and some soar fingers I found the chord names and shapes are in there. My whole body was relaxing more going though them. I felt for the first time last night I let go of what I was doing wrong all the time and enjoyed what I was doing right. Still a long way from where I want to be but that one song is now my gateway I will get it down and then get the next one. Feeling great right now!!
  8. Has really been over a year!?! life is getting on at a rate. So what have I done.... Bought the new guitar. a Eko acoustic travel. Love it and after trying a few guitars can feel the difference playing it to others. Tried with Justin's beginner course again this time tracking my progress through notes. Fell off that again as I seem to have been doing the basic stuff forever and I still can't play a song. Lessons...been to two guitar teachers both seem very similar in approach. I tell them I want to play songs and the types of music and they just tend to say just learn the songs. No real progressive course of pathway. I get a feeling that they have plenty of young students that have bags of time to devote to practice so they can't really help much until I have put in enough time. Gaming...gave it up. It was easy to spend free time doing so decided to hang up my controller and pickup the guitar more. I am about to hit 40 and I really have got to pull my finger out. I want this, and I also want to be around a peer group who also love music. I think the Championship is the only way, have to fight through the time restraints I have with work and family and just get my best effort on that one song a week. If there is anyone in the Suffolk area PM me. Kind of getting board of telling people about Rocksmith and them looking at me funny.
  9. Hi, I am very grateful for all these posts. This community is really one of the best I have been a part of on the net. I am making my "January push" as I do every year where I remember to get on the guitar more often. I am doing the following things; The new app from Justin Guitar looks interesting and I might use it for my chord change practise as it's easier than keep writing my results down. Looking at some acoustic guitars tomorrow, as I am really not enjoying playing my borrowed Yamaha acoustic. Compared it to a friends and instantly felt it was easier to play. Ask my guitar teacher about a price for a full course. giving me a deadline each step. As suggested by TomSawyer2112 After all that.... The Rocksmith Championship. Thanks again for all of your advice and sharing your experiences.
  10. Quick update, Lesson schedule fizzled out to make was for other things. Recently seeing my niece who had a guitar bought for her 2 years ago, pick it up the last few months has motivated me. With her basic chords she rattles through rhythm on songs and made me realise keeping it basic will help. I am concentrating on Rhythm path finding song with basic chords and to be honest i have notice a good amount of progress. Strumming patterns that are not covered in RS have been found on YT and started to up my percentages. The last post is spot on enjoy it and it does not feel like practice. I am enjoying my time at the moment, and not getting stressed if I have not had 20 mins lately on the guitar. The "remastered" issues did hinder me at first and I hate not having my RS1 content as i missed the steam pack but never mind I will just have to dust off my ps3 when i want it.
  11. Thanks guys, I have felt more comfortable just picking up the guitar and playing around with a scale fret 5-7 or 7-9 going up and down making the notes transition clean. I then improvise and it's good fun. Still doing set lessons for basics and just going back to the game recently. 79% on R U Mine a PB!!
  12. Thanks for the comments, it's good to know I am not alone. I did the Championship a few times but found that a week of practicing one song did not stay with me as I went back to that song a few months later and was starting again from scratch. The 1 min chord changes have stayed though and if you tell me that knocking on heavens door goes G D Am it stays. I think Rocksmith should should look at a more conventional beginner course for their game, even castle of the chorded does not even cover a major scale until later levels. I wait for the day when I can put RS on and choose any song and just play along.
  13. Hi, I though I would post my progress as I have been a big user of Rocksmith the past few years. I got into a habit of playing a good 20mins a day booting up the PC on the morning and doing one lesson practice track and a run of what ever song I am working on. I have found I flitter between songs often depending on what I am listening too at the time. I got a little down the other day when I realised that I don't feel I am really making the kind of process I need to. I still can't play a full song and and totally messed up when a new chord is shown to me in a song. I decided to try a different approch. I went to Justinguitar.com and started his beginner course. I have done this before I had Rocksmith, but now find it much easier to get through the practice sessions and the concepts. Seeing how these skills translate into a song makes practicing much easier. I don't think that I would have this appreciation withough seeing a song flow in the rocksmith format. The speed of changes etc is hard to conprehend just by listening to a track. I am finding that in a short time of recording my chord changes in a min and breaking down parts of songs in the "beginner song list" I am remembering major chord names and the sound they make without the backing track that Rocksmith seem to have on all songs and practice tracks. No don't get me wrong I love Rocksmith and it has helped me keep motivated and given me the goal of playing my favorite song on it, but I don't feel that it nurtures the beginner in the right ways. The Major chord scale is the main one for me as soon as I focused on getting these to memory it made me feel like I was progressing. I hope this helps someone that is in the same situation. Cheers
  14. doubt It will end up as CDLC but I aim to play this one day.
  15. Over the weekend I decided to go back to RS1 for a bit just to see the difference. Wow that was weird, I forgot how bad the note recognition was compared to 2014. I do like the path stuff though driving you forward with songs and forcing you to work on them to move on. The one major thing I found, and this backs up what Rockinbiscuit was saying is hearing what you have played back to you. This was so helpful, and really allows you to asses what needs work. I think it's crazy they took this out but I can understand it as it must have been the cause of the long load times. I will be trying to record my playing more, I think this will help.
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