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  1. This is a great write-up @@Gryphonboy! One thing I'll add is that even if you have no inclination to stream, most of what Gryphonboy writes up is relevant just to record yourself. I have setup OBS to record my sessions so I can watch the video later and troubleshoot technique problems. Plus, if you do particularly well on a song, it gives you something to go back to for inspiration. I'll say that my built-in webcam isn't up to the task from a framerate perspective so you do want to either get something better as detailed in the write up or use some other external camera (GoPro, DSLR, etc). Recommend using OBS Multi-Platform, as that is the version that will be supported more going forward. Pretty easy to setup. One last tip. If you are outputing MP4 from OBS during recording sessions, the built in Movie Player or WMP in Windows 10 will not play the sound by default. There may be ways to configure it so that it reads an OBS MP4, but I went the lazy way and just grabbed VLC.
  2. Metallica Guns N Roses Godsmack Aerosmith Black Crowes Machine Head Faith No More Ozzy Had tickets for Slash last summer but couldn't go Going to see Staind in a couple of weeks.
  3. With respect, I think you are looking at this from the wrong angle. The unraveling of GnR is a musical tragedy. Think about all the great music we've missed. That I agree. But IMO, 90% of the blame can be laid at Axl's feet. This guy has driven everyone away from him. As @@Ally said, read his autobiography but also read other accounts from the time. Axl believed his own hype far too much. As for Slash, look at things like Velvet Revolver. Slash brings Duff and Matt Sorum back together and makes some ok music. Fall to Pieces is some awe inspiring soulful guitar work. But it will never be the same GnR and that's because of Axl. I was lucky in that I got to see them 3 times live (yes, I'm old). Believe me, I'd love to turn the clock back and see a few more albums from the band back then, but that ship has sailed...
  4. Do you use the laptop outside of your home network? If no, I'd just disable the Firewall altogether. Did you check any of the other streaming configs to see if they flipped?
  5. Wireless router will have a firewall, but to protect your home network from the Internet. That doesn't come into play here. The Windows Firewall should get entries setup in it by the device discovery process which is going to be governed by Universal Plug n Play. Is your PC Win8 or Win7? You might also try: 1. right click on your network icon in the tray 2. go to the Network and Sharing center 3. In the left side, choose "Change Advanced Sharing Settings" 4. for the Private Profile (should be labeled current), check that Turn on Network Discovery is on and probably file and printer sharing also.
  6. Delete the existing Xbox One device if you can and have it rediscover. What do you have for a firewall? Built-in Windows or something else like Symantec?
  7. Make sure your network connection is not set to be a Public network. I just ran through it and mine was set that way even though I've explicitly set it up as a Home network in the past. Once you do that, you might want to configure a HomeGroup also but you should be able to see the Xbox One. One other thing I saw in the forums was that on the Xbox One, you need to have the Music and Video apps installed for it to register itself on the network for streaming.
  8. Snowdog, brewing is pretty easy. As @@mjmiller1824 said, the biggest thing to worry about is sterilizing. You can get started reasonably cheaply. Go to morebeer.com for some ideas on starter equipment and supplies to make a batch. I'd suggest starting with dry malt extract brewing. Brew day is a commitment so be prepared to spend quite a few hours between setup, brew and clean up. But, the results are definitely worth it.
  9. Stone Brewing makes epic beers. Arrogant Bastard has already been mentioned and is phenomenal but also look for Ruination IPA. Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA is great. Lagunitas Maximus is also new favorite. so many other good IPAs out there. If you like beer, do yourself a favor and find a specialty shop and try some of the different microbrews.
  10. Kill 'em All is probably my favorite, desert island with only one album choice. Guns Appetite for Destruction is a close second.
  11. Agree with bo3bber, seems like a software dev approach could work. GitHub is just one tool but a popular one. I do think that it's important to give credit to those that have actually contributed work to make these because it is work. I'm working on my first one now and it's take quite a bit of tedious work to get even a workable version that's still not fully sync'ed, etc. I think the changelog is important and provides that credit while also providing some sense of 'quality' in that a custom that has had a number of changes posted may be more polished. That will be misleading though. There will alot of CDLC from established authors that will be great on first release.
  12. Thanks Marty. Yep, I have a multi-tool case full of lead hanging off the bottom of the strap. Just about balances it but irritates me that I have to do that and that it takes so much counterweight. It's not off by an ounce :-| . I play sitting mostly partially because of that and partially because my fretting hand is more comfortable.
  13. Rhythm for now. My fingers are way too slow to play lead but I've only been really playing for 6 weeks since getting Rocksmith 2014. I'm playing on an Epiphone Goth Explorer. Nice except for the balance which is terrible so the neck dives wickedly. I actually would like trying out bass so I may get a cheap one before this year is out.
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