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  1. Happy Birthday Squidtech!

  2. This was it. Apparently I manually entered a few while I was editing, and they differed from the others which were done automatically. Who plays drop tuned power chords with three fingers? Thanks!
  3. So, I've finished a song, and it works perfectly without DD. However, something odd is occurring when I add DD. For some reason, power chords (drop tuned) at frets 1, 2, and 3 are showing up as empty chord panes (similar to the repeat panes). When the difficulty is low, the single notes show up fine, but once they transform to chords, they are invisible. Chords at higher frets appear as usual. The games still expects me to play the correct chords, but just isn't showing them. I've created several CDLC, and have never encountered this phenomenon before. Any ideas on what's going on?
  4. I've just updated Parts 1-9 to version 1.1 I tried to find all the errors before the initial posting, but found a few minor issues in the past few days. Additionally, I've added "noguitar" sections between the examples, which will reduce the looping time in RR slightly. This should be the final version, unless something is brought to my attention.
  5. EDIT: Due to a policy change, the CDLC has been removed from the database. Sorry guys! I've been working on this for a few weeks for my own use, but I wanted to share this with the CustomForge community. I've adapted John Petrucci's famed Rock Discipline guitar DVD and TAB book to CDLC form. I've made a CDLC track for each chapter of the book. For these to make any sense, they need to be used in conjunction with the TAB book or DVD. All exercises from the book are included, and the example numbers are indicated in the lyrics. The example numbers correspond to those in the book, but the DVD is mostly consistent. Many of these exercises are very difficult, so it is generally recommended for intermediate and advanced players. However, even beginners should be able to use the more basic exercises in each chapter. Many of the exercises are tracked at the speed played by John on the DVD (absurdly fast), so you'll need to slow them down substantially in riff repeater. To reiterate, use these with the DVD or book! Some the the picking related exercises are not self-explanatory, and you don't want to miss out on John's nuggets of guitar wisdom. Part I: Warm-Up Exercises (Left Hand) Part II: Warm-Up Exercises (Right Hand) Part III: Warm-Up Exercises (Synchronization of Both Hands) Part IV: Technique (Speed and Accuracy) Part V: Technique (Scale Fragments and Sequences) Part VI: Right Hand Technique (Alternate Picking Arpeggios) Part VII: Left Hand Technique (Legato Playing) Part VIII: Right Hand Technique (Sweep Picking) Part IX: Chordal Technique (Building Chords) Part IX-35: Final Song Here's the DVD: [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]
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