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  1. I started to learn guitar at 22 and did it for about 3 years, then I stopped. I picked it up again 2 years ago (I'm pushing 50) and everything I had learn all those years ago was still there just rusty.I was never very good to start with but constant disciplined practice has improved my guitar work greatly. I find the best way is to pick a song that you really like and that you think that you can realistically play. There's no pont picking a song that is too hard you'll just get discouraged and give up. I then disect the song bit by bit slowing down the sections and practice till you know it by memory. Once you know it by memory then you work on the speed and timing.it does take time. I'll give you an example. Smoke on the water. I learnt the rhythm part first. Then I learnt the lead. That took me a bit longer. Once I memorized it I started working on the speed. I tried a metronome but I was getting frustrated and I found it boring. So I tried playing along with the song instead. I isolated the lead and picked the part I wanted to work on. I slowed it down to 50% and played it on a loop. I practiced that part till I could play it without a mistake. I did this for the whole lead section. When I was confident of playing the whole solo at that speed without a mistake I put the speed up and went again. I also check what my right hand is doing as it tends to fall behind my left so I often spend a bit of time working on my picking. I'm currently stuck on 96% and I can get it to 98 after working on it for a while but I won't say I'm at 98% until I can get it right on the first go. That's how I do it and I do more than one song at a time so that I don't get bored. That's how I learn.
  2. I have an Artist guitar. It's a LP kit that I built. I did add better pickups, bone nut and better machine heads It turned out a good guitar. As far as the body its very well made. The neck did need fret dressing though, but that's fine. You can always ask him to fret dress it but it will probably cost you more. As long as you remember it's not a $5000 LP then it should be OK. I'm very happy with mine. There's another bloke who sells guitars and he fret dressed all his guitars before shipping but his range is not as big and they cost a little more here's the link http://www.customguitarworks.com.au/store I have one of his and I very happy with it.
  3. Just remember that whatever you do, do it a little bit at a time. Don't do big adjustments, do a bit then retune and try it. I agree with dazedandbemused, have a look through a fair few you tube videos and choose the one that is most informative.
  4. The easiest way if you are not to fussy is to fill the hole with fibreglass filler sand it with wet and dry paper till smooth then get a spray can from an auto shop store, spray the affected area then polish. It's not too hard but the colour has to be right. There are better ways to do it but they take time, patience and a bit of work, just like repairing a dent in a car.
  5. Which part of the guitar is damaged
  6. Thanks firekorn.Yes I did read up on the tremolo as opposed to the whammy bar I though tremolo in Eof meant the whammy bar, my bad. Thanks raynebc I'll try what you suggest and test it out and see what happens if it doesn't sound right then I'll just write it out on the notes . Thanks for both your help Cris
  7. I don't know if RS supports it but I have put it in twice in Eof. Note>tremolo>mark or Ctrl+Shift+O. I don't know if what I'm after is technically a bend or maybe it is.
  8. After reading the tutorial several times I think I got my head around it, excellent tutorial. I Posted my question in the Eof thread and it was suggested I check this tutorial out which I did, but I don't think that the tutorial answers it. I hope I'm not sounding dumb but bends, prebends and their many variations raise the pitch of the note by 1/4,1/2 ,1 etc. why I want to do is to actually bring the pitch of the note down to, -2 or -21/2 on the low E string which wl bring the E note down to C then back to the E.The song is Jailbreak by AC/DC and Angus Young does it by detuning the E string with the Tuning peg. You could use the tremolo bar to do this and I would like to put a negative number in to reflect this dropping E note but I don't think I can. I hope this makes sense and I hope I'm wrong. Thanks
  9. I have a question regarding the use of a tremolo bar in Eof . I'm working on Jailbreak by ACDC and there is a part where Angus detunes the low e string down about 2 steps and then back to E. I put this in Eof as a tremolo but I want to know if I can give this tremolo section a number value, starting at 0 moving onto -2 and then back to 0.
  10. Thanks that fixed it I was using the wrong WWise file
  11. Ok thanks I'll recheck everything
  12. Hi guys. I have a competed DLC that I created and my problem is that there is no lead in silence. The song starts too quickly. I repackaged it by adding the lead in silence in EOF (3sec). In EOF it all starts fine but in Rocksmith the song starts early but the note highway has the 3 Second delay. Is there a way that I can delay the song without redoing the DLC cometely.
  13. Queen Pink Floyd AC/DC INXS Dire Straits Linkin Park Green Day DeepPurple Status Quo Roger Waters Midnight Oil The Angels Hunters and collectors and countless cover bands
  14. I put in 5 bucks in and I donated 20 last time. This site is great and I want to do my bit.
  15. A weird thing happened to me while I was syncing a song. I pressed the go to beginning button for a short period and moved it while still holding down on it and all the notes moves forward 2 Bars. I tries to repeat the action anti see I'd I could reverse it but I only managed to move it further forward I stopped when I got to bar 29. Ithoughtvit was a glitch so I saved and exited but it wasn't a glitch it saves it on bar 29. That is the notes start in bar 29. Is there's way of reversing this.
  16. Don't get me wrong Kamyk, I agree with what you ate saying. I test my DLC's as well and even then,the finished product could be better . I just think that we should encourage as many people as we can to make customs and help where we can to make the bad ones better, that will benefit all of us
  17. One thing we should bear in mind is that we are not all expert custom song makers, nor are we all good guitar players. I know that not all dlc's are up to scratch but we shouldn't deter people from trying to make them, that might alter the great variety of customs we have here. I think it would be a good idea, for those customs that don't make the official list, to let the makers know what is wrong with their customs and to help them get their custom into the list. The more people we have making good customs the wider the variety of songs which can only be a good thing.
  18. Jimmy page Ritchie Blackmore David Gilmour Angus Young
  19. Love your work, your one of my favourite CDLC makers. Appreciate your effort. Thanks
  20. Thats fine, the question has been answered. No rules have ben broken which is why I aked in the first place.. I shall say nothing more about this and wait patiently till steam sort things out.
  21. Fairdinkum mate I wasn't asking how to pirate anything, read the post properly. I was asking a legitimate question. I have tried to buy the song 3 times already without success. I would rather buy a song from Steam any day rather than spend a weekend making one, my time would be better spent playing the guitar.Besides I only like one song from 2012RS, why should I have to buy everything else for one song.
  22. I realize you can buy it if you own RS1, but I don't own RS1 and I don't wish to purchase it just because its not available for RS2014. I know it has something to do with contractual agreements with musicians and Rocksmith/Steam. I'm just trying to find a solution to something I want that isn't available and trying to maintain within the rules of this site as well as making it available to others who want it.
  23. Well that is the problem I have. I know I can make it and I know I can't post the link to it. I wouldn't mind buying it but I don't think they are going to have it anytime soon. I'll see how I go. I don't want to break any rules
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