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  1. Thank you soooo much Cozy1 for your clear instructions. I was kind of expecting a bit of a run-down for liking RS1 but I think I am not the only one. I think RS1 and RS2014 each have their pros and cons, and are very different beasts. I gotta go work but will give your instructions a go and see how I go. Will comment when I've tried it. Again, much appreciated thanks! Dave
  2. Hi, I was wondering what the easiest (even if not the quickest) way to produce CDLC for RS1? Yeah yeah I know, why would I? I use RS2014 typically, but the other day, for some reason, I loaded up RS1 and for all its flaws, it was just ... well .....more fun. The whole playing gigs n stuff and the earning points were just way more incentive for a learning player than RS2014 is. It seems that RS2014 became more professional but in the transition, forgot that the reason RS1 was so great for newbies is because it offered the fun of Rock Band etc but with a real guitar. The only issue with RS1 is the limited song choices, and I wondered if I could learn how to export current CDLC to the earlier format, or if it is possible to use GP7 to create a CDLC and export it to the old format. Any advice would be appreciated. Dave
  3. Actually I wish someone would create a tutorial showing how to convert PSARC files to DAT. As much as i enjoy RS2014, I really miss the playing performances in RS2012, and often go back and play in that. I understand that by using the Custom Toolkit, and EoF and Wwise, you can do a conversion so I can play CDLC in the old RS, but I am not that technically minded and would love someone with more skills in these things to give me some pointers... Not sure if I am alone in this wish, but I would jump for joy to see such a tutorial.... Tks
  4. Aah so it is the DAT files.... I get the impression it doesnt export tones when it generates but I'll try a few songs in RS1 and post back how it goes.
  5. Thanks for reply.... I opened up the toolkit and see what you mean although I thought the RS radio button was so you could import the old CDLCs and repackage them for RS2014 not the other way around. I have only ever used CDLC in RS2014 under the psarc format. Looking inside RS1 I dont see the same formats; were they packaged differently?
  6. Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before but is it possible for me to take CDLCs - which presumably are now all made for RS2014 - and repackage them for RS1? I know you are probably thinking WHY? but the fact is, even though the UI is cleaner and all for the new RS, I still kinda prefer the original version. I really used to enjoy the venue events, and just found that as a learning guitarist, the path of progression was much more evident than in RS2014. Unlocking a new venue to play a 'gig' in was rewarding, unlike the rewards in RS2014 which are just meh. I do use both and can see why advanced guitarists prefer RS2014 but for me, RS1 seemed just more fun and rewarding and I would like to play the CDLC in that version instead. Any ideas?
  7. Aaah, I see those flickering levels too and often wondered what that was about. I naturally assumed my graphics driver was playing up or something but wondered why only to one aspect of the screen. Thanks for clearing that up...
  8. Thanks all for your advice. Pretty much sets my path then. Looks like I'm saving for a new PC! :D
  9. Hi all, My missus is suggesting that instead of upgrading to a new PC, I should just get an XboxOne or PS4 given how I mostly play games, and in particular, use RS2014. Part of my hesitation to do so is because I note that most CDLCs are for PC. I have only lightly delved into the CDLC process but have yet to finish creating a CDLC so am still not clear on all sections of the process. My question: how hard (or even is it possible) to take a CDLC for the PC, open it in EOF and re-export to XBoxOne or PS4? Or do I assume creators do not always do it because it is a pain in the proverbial? Any advice from you EOF geniuses would be appreciated. Cheers David
  10. Thanks. I did see that one, and it seemed pretty positive, but that is the only review I can actually find after a Google search. I vaguely recalled someone on one of the forums mentioning having an Artist, hence the post, but maybe they were on the Rocksmith forums so will try there too...
  11. Hi, This one particularly aimed at Aussies on here.... Anyone tried an Artist guitar? They seem to offer an LP style electric with a set neck at a pretty good deal for $200AUS. http://www.artistguitars.com.au/buy/artist-lp60-electric-guitar-plus-accessories/70009 They claim their business practices are responsible for the cheap prices yet good quality. If anyone has any experience of the LP models, I'd be interested to hear your advice to help me decide whether I should pick one up or save a bit more for an Epi LP100. Cheers David
  12. What I find bemusing is the EITHER/OR argument on display here. I don't disagree with you at all; eventually if you want to play songs the way they are meant to be played, you have to outgrow DD. But for a beginner, repeatedly plugging away at Riff Repeater can eventually get demotivating and stop RS being fun. I personally have taken advantage of DD AND RR to improve. I push DD further until it the song seems beyond my capability, then head into RR to work on those riffs I found too complex at the level I am at. Eventually, I start to nail it, and I again have fun playing the song, until the DD moves up again and I return to RR. This way, I am improving but having the pleasure of playing a song at the same time. I don't see why there is an argument for one way over the other, unless you are an expert player already. For those of us who aren't, the two tools working together make a great team.... :)
  13. RS is for learning and playing guitar. And if it is NOT designed to cater for absolute beginners as you seem to suggest, you should point it out to Ubisoft because they happen to have wasted a lot of time on beginner level lessons ("how to hold a pick") not to mention implementing the DD system. There should be no music snobbery here. RS is for ALL levels of player and if you dont like DD, just set the levels to 100% and have done with it - should make no difference to you. Why rob others of the helping hand DD offers, just because you dont like it?
  14. LOL...I take no offence, and you are likely right. I am no expert and I take note of all advice I get here, and you sound like you have plenty of experience for what makes a good and a poor guitar. And I am following your sage advice. I plan to just use my Ibanez for now, and save for an Epi LP100 for early next year. At my current skill level, I cannot justify spending more than that, and it should do me for a few years, and have some resellability for the next upgrade. Thanks, mate D
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