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  1. THAT TOY DOLLS SONG ROCKS!!!! Haha...I love the band and am always surprised when I bump into anyone who's ever heard of them. Pity too...Olga's an insanely good guitarist! Not a pop song, but....
  2. Don;t think there's cdlc for any of these, and their really should be.
  3. Only 7.1 for me. Do I just not buy much DLC?
  4. If your note recognition is fine, use an ABY splitter, mute the in-game guitar sound and play through your amps.
  5. Well, my gear's changed around a bit this year. Some stuff sold, other stuff bought. Will get a new family portrait at some point soon.
  6. You might want to look into a thinline tele kit. Get a tele body shape that's also a semi-hollow.
  7. I don't really play songs, or even bits of them, when trying out a new guitar. I mostly start off with cowboy chords, move into a I-V-IV 12 bar and change things up from that, depending on what i feel like. It's generally enough for me to tell if I like the guitar enough to keep going with it.
  8. Tuners are simple and cheap to replace. You'd be looking under $70 for a set of quality locking tuners. Just check sizing, and they're pretty much a drop-in replacement.
  9. Have a ticket for the mighty Gloryhammer(yea, fine, Blind Guardian are headlining, but so what) in May. HOOTS!
  10. http://www.incrediblethings.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/wangcaster-penis-guitar-1.jpg
  11. Never say never. When I got my Epi(it's the oldest one in the pic, bought new in 2002), I figured I'd never afford a Gibson either.
  12. Pretty much. Back row l-r: Gibson SG Special, Gibson Les Paul Classic, Ibanez DT-520, Jackson Pro Soloist, Gibson 60's Tribute Les Paul, the 'Les Jim'(kit build bolt-on LP with humbucker-size P90s), Fender MIM Telecaster, the 'Telecrapster'(another kit build, just HBs in) In the front: Epiphone LP standard(pickups swapped out, damned if I remember what's in now), Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster, Ibanez S770, Ibanez SGR200(I think) bass. Missing from the lineup is my MIM Strat, because I haven't finished rewiring it yet.
  13. Here's (most of) the collection. Pedalboard not included. http://i.imgur.com/Fqh8H30.jpg
  14. http://i.imgur.com/lgKOZTN.jpg Pretty poor photo, but the middle one is the new addition. Fender American Deluxe Strat with a rosewood fretboard, in burgundy mist.
  15. Definitely try the Epiphone LP's. The Standard plustop and Traditional Pro are solid, reliable(well, there's the traditional Epiphone cheapo switch issue, but it should be a few years before that becomes an issue). For the price, they're difficult to beat - as long as that's the sound and feel you're going for. EDIT: Also, if you like your Yamaha, have a look at the new Variax Standard. The gubbinz are all Line6, but the body and neck are Yamaha, and they're a pretty good buy - again, if you like the feel and sound.
  16. The thing about BC Rich is that the cheap ones are cheap in every respect. Materials, parts, workmanship, QC... if there's a corner that could be cut, it is, and it shows in the quality of the lower priced instruments. So it's not uncommon for the ones many beginners own to be... less than great. However, if you can try one, and check to see it's not a dud(no dead frets, loose frets, frets not cut or smoothed properly, etc), then give it a go. It's a bit like whisky. Some people like it neat, some people mix it with all manner of things. The right way to drink it is how you like it.
  17. Tell me about it. I'm absolutely a casual guitar player, but I've somehow ended up with 10 guitars. Only 1 bass, though. And 1 amp, and a few pedals.
  18. Yea, the best thing about a multi-fx is that it gives you the chance to play around with a lot of stuff, which will help you figure out what you might want to buy separately later on. Van-Blurten has got the order right, though - a $200 bass played through a $2000 amp will almost always sound better than a $2000 bass played through a $200 amp.
  19. I've reserved it, but I'll not be waiting a few weeks after release to update. Can pretty well guarantee there'll be a mahoosive update within the first 2 weeks.
  20. Guitars are built to be played. Yours is beginning to look the part,
  21. Tickets going on sale tomorrow for the Wildhearts. Playing their 1995 album P.H.U.Q. in full, plus other stuff.
  22. As for pricing, the internet can be your friend. EU based stores like thomann will often offer free shipping, and - being EU based - you won't get hit with import duties, either. Always worth finding out what individual stores are like for returns, though. I know thomann have a good reputation(though I've never had to return anything bought from them) for customer service. Either way, a little research will always give you a ballpark figure for what something should cost you.
  23. She did play LP Juniors a lot, though that one has a humbucker, and most LPJ's I've seen have a P90. Easy enough to swap them out, though.
  24. I'd say the guy is trying to sell you a 2nd hand Godin, tbh. Seriously, though, Try out what you can - think about what you like or dislike about the guitars. Figure out if it feels right, and if it doesn't, think about why. Is the neck too big? The wrong shape? Higher fret access uncomfortable? Once you do this research, you can apply that to what you've got in mind. Do the JP series have the neck profile you liked, or not? What can you get from Godin?
  25. Try some Rossini, like Or maybe Mussorgsky might be more your thing
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