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  1. I'm not a bass player, but I've been buying all sorts of different picks recently because I'm trying to figure out what works for me. I keep on coming back to Jazz IIIs because of the shape and size of them, and I've found that I vastly prefer the nylon one over the tortex one. The tortex feels very slippery in my fingers and I have a hard time holding onto it when I try to play harder solos. The nylon one is more textured and grippy and much easier to hold onto without having to use a death grip. That said, the tortex one is great for strummy songs (Wonderwall anyone?) because it is more slippery and glides across the strings nicely...if I can hold onto it...
  2. Ok...I played this last night! It's pretty fun!
  3. Bitchin Camaro! Bitchin Camaro! (I thank you for your efforts! That song and Punk Rock Girl rule!)
  4. Just found a nice one! The Ataris "Boys of Summer"! That song rocks hard!
  5. Disturbed did quite a few awesome covers! That's a good one! Thanks!
  6. THAT TOY DOLLS SONG ROCKS!!!! Haha...I love the band and am always surprised when I bump into anyone who's ever heard of them. Pity too...Olga's an insanely good guitarist!
  7. Yeah, that Halestorm cover rocks! I think I like it more than the original. Will check out that MJ cover...although since I have a Floyd on my guitar, alternate tunings are mostly verboten...lol
  8. Man, that Disturbed cover is freaking great!! Thanks! Haha...Shat...maybe not so much...lol
  9. That's a good one (although is it proper to play *ANY* Michael Jackson song any more? Lol)
  10. I'll answer my own question...sheesh...lol There's a great ska version of "Come On Eileen" by Save Ferris. Super fun. And, Brian Setzer does a banging version of "Sleepwalk" haha...I was going to say Slade doing "Cum On Feel The Noise" is great too...but that's the original! I didn't know that! NOW, any others you can think of?
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