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  1. Intracranial Putrefaction - c.i.i.s.d please and thank you
  2. Happy Birthday leo42066!

  3. i never knew you guys had merch. i really like the design and will be buying some t's soon
  4. Happy Birthday leo42066!

  5. yeah i been practicing alternative/ecom picking and have it down pretty good but i'll practice my solos in RR on slow and slowly let RS build the speed and set the reps high like 5 before it levels up that phrase and practice those scales and aprs a few hours a day with a metronome and slowly raise that up too . thank you very much for the help
  6. i can play some megadeth/iron maiden solos just not very clean. is there any good scales/ arpeggio to help get cleaner while playing faster then 4/4
  7. megadeth would be a great way to learn power chords and at the same time spider chords
  8. does anyone have any tips/advice on learning how to solo cleaner and better? I can solo some but i'd like to learn more and be able to someday write my own solos
  9. If you are jewish like the old dinosaur then you can skip Wagner. But is all about music and not politics I think , so I wouldn't care. :) very true its all about the music. i really don't care what the guy did or what/who he supported a wonderful piece of music should never be missed
  10. Thank you very much for sharing. great piece of music. i am open to neo classical and instrumental like Andy James and Yngwie malmsteen also
  11. i really enjoyed his style thank you very much
  12. I would like to get into more classical music but i don't know many artist/composers. I know the top guys Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. If anyone would like to suggest some other artist/composers that would be great. Thank you in advance.
  13. i know right, that would be a great way to explore musically. i know like 3 classical artist and that is it but i'd love to get into more if i knew who played it
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