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  1. This was one of the things I was considering doing, there are reasonably priced kits for a 335, but I'm a bit worried about hit/miss quality of the wood, I just haven't checked to see if it measures the specs for the stuff I bought (it probably does). I've also been wanting a tele, and that's something that's much more available than 335 kits. But yeah, finishing was a pain in the ass, looking back I should have gone with stain instead of paint. Honestly, that's probably not a bad idea. If it's a good kit, I can put my hardware on it and throw the cheap hardware on other things I've got that n
  2. A big part of starting the build was really wanting to make something unique, at least as far as the electronics go that's something that's something I can definitely do. I just need a body that has a respectably quality and that seems to be something that's not easily found for a reasonable price, at least as far as semi-hollows go. At the same time, I can just buy an Ibanez and strip it down, I'll at least know the body is reasonably well-crafted, then I could strip and refinish as I see fit.
  3. Hey guys, I've been around for a bit but I'm new to the forum. Anyway, I've been working on building a custom semi-hollow guitar. I wanted something that I could really feel was mine, and I had just graduated college and I do a lot of electronics work, so I figured I could do something really cool. Went with Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Humbuckers for pickups, Gotoh locking tunders and a Gotoh tune-o-matic bridge, a Bigsby B70 tremolo, as well as other minor choices. I was going to go for kind of a gold hardware on dark-greyish for color. When I realized I screwed up was I completely overesti
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