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  1. Just picked up my Charvel Sean Long Signature not to long ago and it feels and sounds amazing.
  2. Looking for a big pack of tones, Lost all of mine when my HDD failed.
    I used to have one but I have no idea where i got it from.

    1. coldrampage


      Try this. Its got a bunch of official dlc tones.

    2. Sharkman828


      Yay, Thank you Cold!

  3. Hard drive failed, won't be making anything for awhile. Lost a lot.

  4. Any chance on "Filtered Truth" being on the current to do list? Just listened to it on repeat a few times, sounds like fun to play :D And thank you for finishing I, The Mask. Love playing the album!
  5. Working on more Jinjer!

  6. Going on vacation for four weeks, will be unable to make or fix anything until i return

    1. Alex360


      Have fun there!

  7. Will start on customs again when i figure out why Wwise hates me

    1. Alex360


      Just install 2016 one forget about newer - better it's not always true :P

      I'll promise to figure out new version support till winter :P

    2. Sharkman828


      I'm using 2014.1.2 still, haven't tried anything beyond that, this ones been working perfectly fine but now it won't let me import audio files :c

      I'll give 2016 a try, thanks Alex :)


    3. Alex360


      don't you use toolkit's auto convert feature that will do it automatically for you in specified quality? go check out latest toolkit please you don't need to convert it by hand anymore! (also 2016 and superior versions aren't generating correct wem file anymore so don't use it for manual conversion! whelp I could auto-check for those anyways but not sure if it's already done or not....)

  8. If anyone would be able to make this from scratch I'd love you forever! please and thank you! Lead + Rhythm Infected Rain - Orphan Soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wA0skGcp5o
  9. I will start doing more BFMV now that the album has been released!

  10. I will continue work on my Arch Enemy album custom when my migraine goes away :c sorry for no updates recently.

  11. Working on more While She Sleeps songs! :D

  12. Haha found a new band i like!! More customs incoming!!

  13. just got home from Arch Enemy, Trivium, While She Sleeps and Fit for an autopsy! Concert was awesome
  14. This is my new guitar :) - Jackson King V KVXMG with a Floyd Rose bridge and EMG 81/85 pickups
  15. Taking a break from custom making for a while.

  16. 'Drained' off of Battles, please Fire! :D
  17. Can you add 'In My Room' to the request list please :)
  18. Hey Fire? can you add "Wallflower" to the list of In Flames songs. please and thank you :3
  19. Would you be able to make 'Monster In The Ballroom' at some point :) Thanks
  20. Epica - November 15th Dark Tranquillity - November 25th In Flames - December 14th Delain - May 5th Sabaton - May 7th
  21. Just got home from Babymetal down in Seattle and it was Amazing! I had so much fun.
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