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  1. Fast fixing fingers! Works now :D
  2. For some reason with the latest hotfix, when I import a GoPlayAlong xml (which I know works as I already have a working copy) no notes show up in any of the difficulty tabs. I haven't changed my routine to starting a new project, other then I am on Windows 10 now. :/ Here's a pastebin of my log if that helps. http://pastebin.com/bqikAvMV
  3. Error seems to be gone now and my comment was posted.
  4. What's the record you're trying to comment on? The page I was on is http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/can-i-sit-next-to-you-girl-r22358?st=0
  5. Still broken for me. Getting this error in my console logs, looks relevant? http://customsforge.com/index.php?s=7751f78c91d914d6e29668c6a9bc014a&app=ccs&module=ajax&section=comments&do=add&database=3&record=22358 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
  6. Switching mobile compatibility on my browser to trick the site let me post my comment on the record.
  7. Yea, I can't comment on record pages either and my console log is full of 500 errors relating to the ajax reply block.
  8. I just picked up a new (old) guitar today. A 1970's mann SG, back when Ibanez was cloning gibsons. From what I can read, there are not too many of these left. It sounds awesome!
  9. Anyone going to see ZZ-Top in Abbotsford on April?
  10. I got to see AC/DC when they were in Vancouver, was an awesome show.
  11. Trying to save an AC/DC song, but the toolkit keeps removing my slash on Artist name and sort, forcing it to be ACDC. Is this a permanent thing and what can I do to fix it in the meantime?
  12. @@Chlipouni, this fixed my issue, cheers for the hard work!
  13. Hey @@Chlipouni, That's awesome to hear! Is there anything I can do in the XML in the meantime to fix it?
  14. I have an xml that seems to be having an issue when run through DDC with chord protector. When run through DDC it displays all the hand shapes rather then repeats even if the chord doesn't change. Non-DDC it doesn't have this effect. Any reason why DDC would remove all the repeat chord bars? I don't know what files any experts would need to diagnose it, but here are the XML's before and after DDC. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g7y8cg8yx0ysp4f/AAB_7hIHQbaXPDMdsXuTCAjWa?dl=0
  15. All of my Swift CDLC's have DDC in them, you can turn mine down and they will only show the first chord in a measure, rather then the repeats. I know it's not technically what you wanted, but it's something :P
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