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  1. Fast fixing fingers! Works now :D
  2. For some reason with the latest hotfix, when I import a GoPlayAlong xml (which I know works as I already have a working copy) no notes show up in any of the difficulty tabs. I haven't changed my routine to starting a new project, other then I am on Windows 10 now. :/ Here's a pastebin of my log if that helps. http://pastebin.com/bqikAvMV
  3. This list was posted almost a year ago. Chances are things have changed since then.
  4. Slacking @@dreddfoxx! :P (your customs are the cream of the crop though.) For sure thanks to all charters, it's unreal that we have almost 17 thousand customs in the database. I only chart songs I would play personally, but I put love into them! Woohoo.
  5. Thanks guys that helped me figure it out. I had a mixture of missing notes in the chords. (damn country strummers) Solved!
  6. So basically in EOF if after the first chord, the rest are blue bumps, it should technically only show up once in game, then the shorter repeat ones?
  7. I have searched and couldn't find anything. Hope do I make repeat lines after a chord? Right now it shows the whole chord line multiple times even though the chord is the same.
  8. Yea that's what I figured, sublime text likes to hide it in there.
  9. Update, there was a weird symbol when I debugged it with the lyric converter. I ended up copying the entire file into plain old notepad then saving it as a txt file, then renaming it to a lrc file, it then imported. In my editor, the first character was simply a bracket, not sure where it was picking up the weird box character.
  10. I completed a song, imported the lic and it worked flawlessly. Went onto a completely new song, tried to import a lic which is identical (different lyrics) and it fails. I was not able to find any documentation on any requirements on what the file should have inside of it. Can anyone comment on this? Lyric file that "has no lyrics" is in this pastebin -> http://pastebin.com/3JeUgUq4 Eof Log snippet, not sure if there is a debug setting that will give more info.093: eof_detect_difficulties() entered093: Importing lyrics093: Detecting lyric format.093: eof_detect_difficulties() entered
  11. Donated, thanks for the hard work guys!
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