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The need to separate good cdlc from unfinished/bad one

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At this moment in my cdlc creation career ( I have only managed to create 2 customs) I feel that it is important to have


a very simple form of acknowledgement of the standard of the cdlc:


1. Is it playable (does it work in RS, synced, doesn't crash, etc.)


2. Is it relatively accurate to the original (when you play it, does it feel like you are actually either playing the song or you are part of the band).


I realise that this leaves a lot of grey areas, but at least it may lead to a worthwhile download.


It is difficult as a new creator as stated by steroma above, to know whether your custom has any value at all.


Both of my creations have had absolutely nil feedback regarding whether the custom even works.


I have had a few thank yous, but no actual feedback as to the playability of the custom at all.


So if there was some simple checkboxes, eg, Is it playable? Yes or No.  Is it close to the original? Yes or No.


This may give some decent feedback and actually result in the responder giving a bit more information to assist the creator to improve their customs.


No idea if this makes sense, but it's late, I'm tired and just want someone to say something about my customs.


Sorry for the ranting.

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No, I think this will only cool people's enthusiasm for creating customs. The ratings system (and the whining about it) is part of what brought Smithys down, after all.   I'm not able to make my own c

As it is right now, downloading cdlc is a complete shot in the dark. We have no idea if the customs we download will be accurate, have a good tone, well synced, etc. I havent downloaded any cdlc for t

I'm a fan of the open source approach as well.   I've made numerous small tweaks to other people's customs, ranging from removing a "The" at the beginning of the "Sort Name" field, adding a custom ton

the "concern" is: there is too many Customs posted!!!

I know It is ridiculous to complain about that, sorry...


I don't know if it is the same for you, but When I download a DCLC I don't even have time to try it out because plenty of others even much more exciting are out...



When I discovered customs, I was a (bad) guitar player and since, I became a compulsive cdlc donwIoader!!!

( Now, I try to compete on the "Rocksmith championship" to force me to learn a full song and not only the intro of hundreds lol )

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Well, I figured if I was going to be telling people what to do with their own customs, I should at least try making my own.


I've spent the last week on my first CDLC, I'm almost done (got to fix a couple of minor problems and I'll post it later today), and I have to say... I don't remember asking anyone else to take over working on my file. :-P  (I had lots of help from people offering advice and answering my many questions though!)


And after all the hours I've spent on it, I just don't see it happening. I tabbed this thing by ear since the available tab was completely off -- and that meant making my own interpretations for a lot of it.


Now, I might feel differently if all I'd done was import a GPro file and lined things up and packaged that. I can see that going very quickly -- I know some people say they can do this in just an hour.


But for now, I think I'm fine with the existing system - I'll post the file and I'll welcome everyone's comments and suggestions on making it as perfect as possible. But I'll take care of making the changes, thanks very much!


The good news is, even though it took me quite a while (because there's a lot to learn at first), it's really not that difficult to do. I encourage everyone to take a shot at it -- go ahead, i'm sure there's a song you're dying to play that no one else has made a customs for.

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Now I don't know too much about this because I've never made a CDLC but for me it helps when the creator of the package includes a GP tab for download that way I can open it in Guitar Pro and see if it sounds correct. Even if I can't play it I can tell. 


There are some charters out there that do it and it's pretty nice. Maybe we could start trying to encourage this practice more?


Just my two cents on the subject. Sorry if someone already suggested. I merely skimmed.

Don't take life too seriously. You will never get out alive.

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Chances are pretty likely they're finding the Gpro files here: http://www.songsterr.com/  You don't even have to download them-- the player works pretty well.

95% of the time when I download a guitar pro tab I end up correcting a lot of it. They are not exactly accurate the majority of the time.


That, or I just create a new guitar pro tab from scratch that's why I include GP tabs with mine. I'm not sure how many other charters do that though

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They are not exactly accurate the majority of the time.





Understatement of the century!


Good point. Although you could add your version to songsterr too, if you wanted.

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Yeah, perfect suggestion IMO. I think I like the first option most


Totally, i agree with this opinion of that opinion :cool:.


I concur!



Some great ideas in this thread! Placing a Folder in the "Work in Progress"  section of the forums, where individuals can voluntarily post their projects to be worked on by "subject mater experts", is a good idea! Give credit to the original poster and the team of "experts"!


Allow certain "experts" or persons with a higher quality submission level, as judged by said "experts", be the "testers" as well! The "testers" job would be to verify the "experts" work as complete and all other individuals postings who wish to voluntarily submit them for "TESTING AND RATING"! I believe that only the "tester" should do the rating and that the rating should reflect the level of completeness only! Perhaps it might even only consist of a check box indicating complete!


Individuals should still be allowed to continue to submit in the current path and maintain full credit. This could be the path say, for an individual that only wants to play Base and is not concerned about the other tracks. They are not interested in being rated, they just want to play Base!




And Finally, THANK YOU, to everyone who is working on and submitting songs! Please keep up the good work!

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Open source sounds really cool.  I also wonder if a rating system would work?


I see what you did there.



*Shakes Head*


'99 Fender Stratocaster / '12 Gibson SG (Nothing special but they are mine)

"If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you're fooling yourself. That's like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn't eat him."


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Working in groups is a good idea.  I would say that perhaps CDLC's should be more like a WIKI database.   People can edit over time.   It is not a formal group.   Can we edit CDLC's  now?   If there is a problem with one ,  can you go in and edit it or is it locked?  If you can edit it, and improve it, then what would be the problem with reposting it as an edited version giving credit to the original editor.  Remember that all of these CDLC's are using copyrighted material.  It seems rather ironic that people would get bent out of shape over someone editing their work which is based upon a musician's work.   This is a teaching tool helping people learn how to play a piece of music.  No one is getting any monetary compensation from any of this so if there is a way to streamline the process and collaboratively improve a CDLC, I think it would be a boon to the process.   I for one think it would be fun to work on one phase of the development process .  For example,  I downloaded a CDLC the other day and found that it had some sync problems.   If I could just edit it for that problem, fix it, and repost it then that seems like it would be  a good idea.   What is the problem with that?  I just do not understand. 

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  • Administrator

You can sure help on my cdlc and i offer my help on many area already but changing without any authorization a work done by somebody is kind of uncool for the original creator.


On the other hand i'm sure many like me would gladly accept any feedback or help on many little things and that can only happen if people come forward but looking at the amoung of feedback i have and that nobody ask to work with me on my cdlc, i just keep doing as i've always done.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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Thank you !!! I agree 100% I understand folks spend a lot of time on these customs and I appreciate the work and effort that goes into them.

The majority of songs I download are great or I just don't notice whats wrong because I'm such a noob. One thing that irritates the #$%^ out of me is songs that don't have tones. I think it would be great if there's a rule that says YOU CANNOT UPLOAD A  CUSTOM WITHOUT A TONE Or maybe make a section that is specifically for cdlc that has no tones.

The second part may exist already and If it does I apologize.

I don't understand why someone would even make a song without a tone to go with it. My excuse is I have no clue what pedals and gear to even start with. It would be nice if we had a solution that would keep the admins from doing a bunch of extra work to maintain something like that. Maybe you guys don't mind. I'm just giving my opinion on the subject.

Broken songs and missing tones are a complete waste of space on my pc and this site.

I didn't say I could do better because at this point I can't. I've made two or three customs (only two came out decent) and even after a ridiculous amount of hours were put in to make them I never came up with a tone.

I'm saying if someone is willing to take the time to make a custom and upload it to this site there should be a standard for tones and other stuff like that.

Obviously deciding if the tone is accepetable is a matter of opinion but at least add something close.

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2 cents worth.


For the ratings system?


why not just have a simple rating system that all registered users can vote on, say 5 star averaged over the votes cast. I would be happy enough to know what other users thought to base whether to download or not.



Open source?


why not have a charter rating "openSource", if the charter accepts this he gets a symbol to signify this on his CDLC uploads and that lets everyone else know that charter is happy for others to improve on their work, they then submit it back to the original charter for approval, and to stop doubles. ( if they don't respond within a certain time, they automaticly give permission for the new upload by default.


It may be simplistic by why over complicate things that don't need to be. why tie charters up in red tape and paper work when it would be better if they were charting, even CDLC that needs work is better than CDLC which doesn't exist.


my 2 cents

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Yes, but it needs to be able to be filtered in the search engine, and showing how many users have voted is probably a little more pertinent than who's following a thread.  this way ranking system then has a meaning. 


I mean by the time you get to the CDLC page you may as well just read the comments and have a crack at it at that point.

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Yeah, currently if you download a challenging song, it's very likely going to be unfinished or just really badly done.

It's a kinda sad state of affairs; we have this awesome site but users are discouraged to search for new stuff because everyone knows they're digging through a huge mountain of poop to find that gem or two. Not blaming anyone here, it's just the way things are – it's the same in sites that host guitar tabs.

Now I suppose we have a consensus on two things:

1) Rating systems come with all sorts of issues

2) Moderation is too much hard work


So my suggestion is: put up a section where (some) mods have hand-picked some really good customs.

The important point is, it doesn't have to be fair. It doesn't have to include every good custom. It's only important that it doesn't include bad ones. No one has to work their assess off being the judges. Just add a song whenever you feel like it. Or you could make it a weekly thing. Or whatever. Then that part of the site would have some decent content, like if I download a custom from there, I can trust it has correct notes and decent tones. And if not then I can complain and get it out of there.


It'd be awesome for discovering previously unknown songs to play, too.


The rest of the site could be just as it is now. No one would have to feel bad. And the rest of the site could still be used to find (and improve?) customs on your favourite bands/tracks.

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Having work my way through this thread and I think this could be my first post !


My 2p worth is while rating can be negative or positive to the individual who took their time to create their work, only feedback would help with whole quality of the site.


I have tried and fail to make any tracks that I would submit, but for the people who have I thank them for their time in getting it right.

And it only seems right they are thank for their effort !

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What one person did for one of my really old Customs I made, was they took a video of them playing a part in the song that was charted incorrectly. They then played the correct version and helped point out the notes that needed to be switched and stuff. It really helped making the song better and such. 


One thing I really like people doing is pointing something out that is incorrect, and giving solid proof that it's wrong. Let's say the song is in a wrong tuning. A lot of the times, people will just say it's incorrect with no evidence. I like it when people give me a link to an interview with the actual band or something, with them stating that the song is in a specific tuning or such. I love it even more when they give me a quality live music video of the band so you know what notes may be wrong. Of course, some live recordings are different than the studio recording, so that should be mentioned.


I remember on Smithy's Anvil, there was an 'Approved CDLC List' that had songs that were DLC quality. I though it was awesome, except for one thing. I WOULD ONLY STAY AND USE THESE CUSTOMS. I wanted accurate tabs that were good in quality, everyone does. But I never wanted to go to the actually community customs in fear for downloading an incorrect tab of a song or one that was just badly put together. I feel like I am just rambling on now. But my least favorite thing ever, is I try really hard to get all three tracks on my customs with somewhat good tones to it, while other people literally just put a chart on a track and say: okay here ya go. Like I can honestly go through the list and name off at least 20 tracks that have the rhythm and the lead tracks mixed up. Or the entire song is in just one really bad tone that doesn't sound good. Uh oh, now I am ranting. I guess all I am saying I would love to see a lot more high quality customs! Not saying that there aren't a lot already, most are really good, but when I find a song with a lead track with only the song's solo, and literally nothing else, I just sigh and go chart the song myself.

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What's best, lately some users released fake cDLC (Triumph - Just a game, Satriani - Summer song). 

Probably the latest way of getting someone to do it right, without waiting in the request list. :wacko:


When I stumble upon an unfinished cDLC, mostly done by unknown (not yet known, less known) charters, I give feedback and wait.

Some may criticize I shouldn't blame what's free.

Smiling on a nicely wrapped present, containing rotten KFC chickendips? No way!


When there is still no update, I do the update for my own needs,

and why should I not share my correction on the author's page?

I did this sometimes (Muse_Bedroom-Acoustics, BlackSabbath- Heaven&hell, Antonio-Banderas_El-Mariachi ...)


I would like to see some of us rise, a team of hunters, chasing down these bad and dead cDLC, and correct them, if possible.

But what is a bad custom ? I suggest some kind of priority list, based on a playability criteria


Easy to fix (import in Toolkit, EOF, takes less than 10 minutes)

1. Crash, Conflicts

    Low Tuning Error

2. Riffrepeator sections (non-selectable, missing or too large)

3. Tone (nothing worse than a distortion tone for acoustic)

    Tone Volume Balance (multiple tones can be tricky)

4. Empty charts : waiting 3min for the 1st note ? (merge rhythm and lead)

5. Errors in Titles, Artist names, Album Cover, release year

    (making the cDLC hard to find, "The" in "Sort Name" )


For a self-respecting author, no reason not to do.


Lack of polishing (requires more time)

1. Bad readability (sustains cover next notes, blocks in slides, notes too close together)

2. Bad fingering, fret hand positions, arpeggio's (tough subject ;))

3. Missing Ornaments (timing of bends, grace notes, pull off, hammer ons, accents)

4. Notes off the beats (creating bad DD)

5. Non-DD and DD versions not in one file.

6. Missing Vocals



Hard to fix (requires about same time as to redo it)

1. Sync (no way of having fun with unsynced cDLC) 

2. Wrong, incomplete Tabs

3. Missing Instrument lead or bass

4. Wrong Tuning


The author can only fix what lies within his theoretical and play skills.


Obviously, what we most need are tutorials and software to detect chords,

rhythm patterns, and scales.


Feel free to complete the list. :)

Edited by TomSawyer2112
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