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  1. One drive cannot be turned off or uninstalled, you just have to get used to avoiding it at the top of the list for every network access. of course you can go to directly to the internet to access Gmail but that defeats the point of having integration possibilities. and Cortana does not work with Chrome but yes there is a workaround where you get all bing searches diverted through Chrome. Agreed it is a very painless upgrade, I am liking it more as I disable some of the integrated apps.
  2. I have had it for a few days, if you haven't already downloaded and installed I would recommend you wait. Microsoft have done their usual of integrating their useless applications everywhere and not allowing changes to be made. So unless you like Bing, outlook that won't accept mail from google and one drive trying to save everything to the cloud then wait for the backlash and subsequent back-down from microsoft. then once these things are fixed I will probably be good. P.S. Cortana only works with Bing, so it is as shit as Siri was.
  3. Maybe Rocksmith is just rebelling at having to bare through Justin TImberlake :D
  4. this may be stating the obvious buy you have leveled up the song right?
  5. Thats a great idea Abandon customs should be deleted. Or made available for others to fix and re-release.
  6. there was a "how to" page on smithy Anvil, but a quick search shows that is is now gone. try a youtube search? sorry I can;t help, I moved to PC instead of modding my Xbox.
  7. I doubt that it is the cable. as per above comments, just restart the game. there are lots of CDLC that have minor issues that effect the game adversely like you have described. I have the problem at least once every time I play, I know it is a couple of CDLC with problems but have not identified which ones (one is a REM song). either way they are CDLC's which I play regularly so I am happy to have to restart every once and a while rather than delete and not play those songs. once I figure out which CDLC they are I plan to play them at the end of my plays through.
  8. Right, but doesn't the software or wahtever they use, recognize the music as it plays ? I've seen streamers have their channel muted, because a poplular soing was playing. I didn't think there was anything in place to make exceptions like you mentioned. Thanks for the reply. Twitch is essentially designed for gamers, they would be fully aware that Rocksmith is a Music Game/program and that a situation may arrise. they have probably already taken the couple of hundred songs that are Official DLC of the mute list.
  9. try taking the guitar away from rocksmith, I record the screen of a rocksmith song onto my smartphone. grab my acoustic guitar and head to the park or somewhere. playing back the vid of the rocksmith screen (a bit of bluetack to help it sit on top of your acoustic. gives me the prompts for the chords/notes but no sound means i am on my own. with practice you slowly don;t need the prompts and then song by song you start getting together a collection that you have virtually forced yourself to remember. if you only have electric then do the same (except not in park) and play with out RS but on a amp.
  10. Rocksmith have paid a commercial licence fee (Royalty) to use their official artists music, so with official DLC there should not be a problem. CLDC that is another story.
  11. try searching using DLs as the search function, the more people have downloaded a song chances are the more popular it is.
  12. I also first played RS with an electric, but since getting an archtop/semi hollow body guitar and a acoustic electric I hardly every go back to the electric(except maybe late at night when I don't want to annoy the neighbours) I don't take alot of notice of the score's, I mainly focus on how the song sounds.
  13. I never saw that in the original RockSmith, Though i have it on PS3. I only played it a few times. before i got tired of 'passing so many songs to move forward to new ones' and the horrible menu system. My idea here, is to help people play songs by themselves, acoustically. so 1 guitar, and vocals. But also to not just play the studio versions of the songs, but rather to convert them to something that works really well with acoustic. to have a whole new version people could go out and play. Just need to find people who would like to help me with it. not always but for alot of the songs, there was a lead, rhythm parts as well as "Combo" which was a combo of lead and rhythm which was playable on one guitar. good luck with the project
  14. I think this would be great, when I play in front of people it is mainly acoustic. would love to play some of the riffs and chords attached to a great song. it was a great feature of the original rocksmith that they dropped.
  15. multiple play lists is something I would like to see. Some times I like to play acoustic, some times some of the classics, sometimes alternative etc, but with so many CDLC and DLC songs even in my favorites songs get lost. would just like to have multiple favorites/playlists to suit my mood. the removing songs in game would be great too, too many songs I don't play or like but seems too much stuffing around to delete.
  16. what song? there may be a propblem with that particular CDLC
  17. Is a question of tastes. You are talking about very legendary bands that have more time in the music world but atually they aren't in the top,we are talking about RS audience (and thanx god for that). Meanwhile Metallica is still on top of that,not top of your granny old records. For those all those bands you mention,I still prefeer Metallica over all. And for Madonna please not mention her again fo the sake of all of us. ;) You are an old dude by the way. he's hot old, you're just young. I'ts not your fault you just don't know anything yet.
  18. Why other people opinions matter in your own appreciation of music? The fact that you like it or not should not be dictated by others opinion about it... because the mainstream have pretty shit tastes in music, hence groups like spice girls,nsync, michael bolton, and shows like idol, popstars, the voice and anyone who has ever been on shows of the like. examples of pandering to the mainstream. If that mainstream started to like the same music tastes as me I would have to reconsider my taste in music completely.
  19. wow, alot of bands already listed make it to my favorites list. but underrated? i'm not sure I would have wanted them to make it to the mainstream. imagine everyone being into bands like the Cult, sisters of mercy, nick cave etc. that would have ruined it for me.
  20. I use the snark, and love it.
  21. I like the journal/progress tracker idea, it is definitely something that should have been a feature of RS. personally I am too lazy to do it myself, but would love it if when I clicked on a RS song it told me where i was at with my previous play through, not just telling me what was my best achievement, regardless of whether it was at 50% speed or 100%. I have a spare white board lying around I may just put it up and try and track a few songs myself now, thank you.
  22. I tend to check in with CDLC's on a regular basis, use the updated search function, this shows the most recent updates and new threads, if you see a song you already have then there is a good chance it has been updated. just scroll down until you reach the end of the listings in bold this marks the end of where you were on your last search. it is a bit of a work around but it does work as long as you check in regularly.
  23. the short answer is, I sit directly in front of the monitor. my suggestion would be to not let it worry you too much, just slow the song down to a speed that gives you time to look at both and focus on playing the chord/note correctly. as you build up muscle memory with practice you will get faster and rely less on needing to see the fret board and more on feeling your way around the fret board. you will find that time and practice will be your best bet to getting past the need to look at the fret board to check you hand positions. it's a bit like when you first started typing on a keyboard and you needed to look at the keyboard, then suddenly one day you were typing without looking at the keyboard at all.
  24. god rest ye merry gentlemen- bryan adam mccune
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