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  1. Eh. it runs but only if i have firefox and everything else on the PC closed. also it sometimes has issues while playing. - the audio is fine. but the scrolling of the notes gets very slow. eventually it catches up and it's fine. but it does happen randomly. another ram issue, I'd assume. right this second Firefox is using roughly 900 Megs of ram. but i do have quite a few tabs open. - opening tabs isn't the problem. as much as the page and the ram each tab takes, Other pages, i've been just fine. this one, after i open 10 tabs. it freezes and either crashes or i have to end task and restart it. but then it's good for another ten tabs (roughly) if I don't open the previous ones. again, it's just an older PC. but before Ignition that wasn't ever a problem.
  2. it's just an older PC. I don't really have many extensions installed. i do however only have 2GB of ram. a lot of the issue, i'm sure is the Ajax that it is using. and the pages that load also take up quite a bit of ram for each page apparently. But when I didn't have to Click on each song to open a Modular window just to from there click on 'Go to record' it was a whole lot smoother and my PC/Firefox ran with it much, much better.
  3. Don't get me wrong, Ignition is great (ok multiple clicks to get to the song page sucks), it just kills the ram on my PC and causes my FireFox to crash after i have opened a few pages with it. where the original search, wasn't as pretty, in fact it was ugly, but it sure was much much more useful at least on my PC.
  4. I'd like to suggest adding a Renamer field for if Riff Repeater is present or not. I read the suggestion on the Custom Tone, I'd like to mark my songs that do and don't have it for the same reason as well. The DD. I noticed adds an underscore. is there a way to add the option to remove that and add it in Parentheses? Maybe even add a NDD if it isn't there instead of just having nothing. This is how I'm manually naming all my songs: Aerosmith - Falling in Love is Hard On The Knees (E Standard) (LRBV) (RR) (NDD) (CT) (v1.1)_p You see Tuning, RR, NO DD, Custom Tone, and the Version. - The reason I'm naming them like that, it makes it easier to tell if there is an update, or if someone else does a version. if one has DD and the other one doesn't. or one has a Custom Tone, and the other doesn't. I can easily look at my filenames and tell what one is better. and the filenames. After the RR gets added, and possibly the option to change how the DD works. my concern at that point would be the version. not all of them have the version tag set apparently, in my quick preview testing i tested 20 files, and only 4 had the version. and only a single digit version at that. Anyhow, those are my suggestions. good work with the Song manager tool. Everything else i've used on it works great. thanks for all your hard work. -Dev
  5. So Ignition is great and all, it just doesn't work as well on my PC. (though to be fair, it's an older PC) after i go through like 5 pages, it drains my ram and freezes my browser to where I have to restart it. I'd rather not use the Ignition search. which is also why I haven't been on the site for awhile. The old search worked a whole lot better for me. - I'm sure if I get a new PC. then I'd prefer the Ignition as it is a mostly nicer interface. But as for now it's more of a pain then a convenience for me. Thanks, -Dev
  6. Yeah. That's what I've done. But manually going through 8k songs to find them all is ridiculously tedious. Haha
  7. Is there a program yet to scan your CDLC and correct any files that kill the tone in RockSmith? every other day I play at least a song kills the tone. and with i dunno roughly 8,000 songs downloaded. (estimating over 2,000 loaded) it's kinda a pain to manually go through them and keep track of them. and then load them into the toolkit and repack them to try to fix them. So it's been awhile, I figure there could be a tool to do this, if not, is there a chance there could be one at one point? Thanks, -Dev
  8. ok. thank you for that, any idea when it'll actually be released? it's been 4 months since the announcement, right?
  9. @@ForgeOn, Yeah I saw a thread about that, like 6 months ago, I'd hope it's still coming along, and will pull the info from the file, and the website, or both. and allow us to choose what info we put, and how it's formatted. and how we want it organized. like i'd like it to go into Genre\Band\Album. but the genre really there is no real way to allow for that, unless it uses the Last.FM, or MusicBrainz API. So I don't realistically see that being added. but the ability to organize it by band, or band and album. would be nice. being able to add if it has DD/RR/Custom Tone, who created the CDLC, and even the suggested notes, and if it has bonus tracks, all would make it nice. sadly until then i'm stuck adding all of that info to each file as i save it, one at a time, like i said, it's tedious. but at least it makes it much easier to decide which version to keep when a second one is added.
  10. So. It's no secret this site runs several scripts, and uses insane resources on the browser/Ram. this was an issue i've had since the beginning. But to be fair, i often open several tabs of songs I want to download and get them as I have time. this can result in a few hundred or more tabs being open. So having 300 tabs in the background. (but not loaded, after FF Closes, and re-opens, it doesn't load the tabs, until you actually click on them. so you'd think it wouldn't affect ram so much.) But the resources each page takes when you do open them are insane, just opening aroughly 10-20 (to save the songs, then close them) uses 1.6GB of the 2.0 ram I have installed, and causes FF to freeze and crash. To help with this, I got an extention that disabled all flash videos from loading unless i click on them. it helped a little but not enough to really matter. Well a few weeks ago (i haven't used CF for several weeks, i saved the session and went on to other things, knowing that having the FF Crash after every few songs i wanted to DL was going to happen, and it gets annoying, so i took break). well i got this extention called: Noscript. and it basically disables all scripts, of any kind from loading and eating ram and resources. today i came back to my session and the pages load beautifully. as well as fast, and it's not eating the ram, or my resources, so I think i can finally go through and download all my tabs i have.. But i wanted to share this with anyone else who would like to speed up CF for themselves. it does say at the top: " Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality." But honestly so far i haven't seen any reason to need that, or anything else loaded. My notifications at the top still are showing, the links all work. and it just runs better. The Extention can be found here: https://noscript.net as well as the addon search in FireFox. also you can selectively choose which scripts you want any site to load. or permanently or temporarily allow all. it gives you the control. (In case there is something you need to work. that isn't. you can enable that specific script. as needed.) Now if only there was a program to correctly name and organize the files to my specifications (Artist - SongName (Instruments) (DD) (DD) (Custom Tone) (Version). then i'd be all set. doing that manually for each one per download is tedious. haha
  11. oh it is in different folders, and soon i'll be organizing it at least by bands inside the folders as well. Eventually possibly even by albums. But I was thinking if i have 'favorite' songs. that aren't actively maintained. that I always play, why not put them into a single .psarc file?
  12. That is a good thread, imma have to try it. it got me thinking. In Theory, couldn't i make a 'favorites cdlc' and put them in a single file as well? that might be something to look into.
  13. firekorn: There was no legal issues with my post, he just didn't like the 'way it was quoted' but it was still just quoted. Teinashu: Necessary or not, there was no rule broken. and it was changed only cause he didn't like seeing it. which put his personal opinion and feelings over the post. just as you did with your examples. again, i don't care that it was removed, as much as what those actions will mean in the future. it boils down to an admin. - or many not liking what was posted, and changed it to better suit themselves. that's whats bothering me. not even an explaination, of saying hey this bothers me, i don't like it cause of this and this. nope. just a 'i don't like that, so i'm changing it, screw what anyone else thinks' that's my only issue. if a rule was broken, if a law was broken, if something could of put CF In legal issues, then i agree. protect the site, but at least then it's justified. Just cause you or the other admin, didn't like it. and it wasn't aesthetically pleasing to look at. i fail to see how that is any kind of justification for editing posts *Shrug*
  14. I just saw one of my posts: http://customsforge.com/topic/16189-anyone-know-what-happened-to-the-file-manager-post/?do=findComment&comment=127133 was edited to remove the 'unnecessary large quote'. It was quoted in a direct response to that message, to let that person know, I was replying to him. you know. as one of the main reason people quote replies. But it got me thinking. just cause an admin feels like the quote isn't necessary. should they really be allowed to edit them? - Don't get me wrong, I don't care the quote was actually removed. but rather the point. and moving forward is that something we should be concerned about? - if the 'quote' feature isn't meant to be used, cause someone feels like it creates an unnecessarily long reply. then why wouldn't the quote feature just be disabled, if that is indeed the problem. also who's to say what is important or not from one person to the next? The bottom line is, I don't know if i care to post or be active in the forums anymore. if my posts can get changed, with no real reason behind it, other than someone feels like it wasn't important. I mean if that is going to, or can happen? why care to spend the time to be active in the forums anyways, right? I dunno. I thought i'd other thoughts on it, So what do you guys think?
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