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  1. kiren

    CDLC Requests

    The first few minutes to the song are relatively easy for anyone, but towards the end its a set of notes on a scale, would love a CDLC for this. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/galaxie-500/tugboat-tabs-565398
  2. Happy Birthday kiren!

  3. Happy Birthday kiren!

  4. Just 1 a seven year old ESP LTD EX 50 its an explorer
  5. Thanks guys Manchot66 thanks a ton, downloading now
  6. Hey, A random thought came up while i was going through the chord book on RS2014 But before i go into that a quick brief what why i got there. I picked up RS2014 for the xbox and PC a year ago, but i never really go a chance to sit with it till about a month ago, ive made some kick ass progress and all but something thats really holding me back is i feel; is me not being able to play the guitar without having to have rocksmith up and running. For example, after spending hours on learn a song, playing it solo without rocksmith being on is a bit of a turn off, its almost come to a point where i do not feel confident touching a guitar thats not connected to rocksmith to even practice basic stuff. Now to my thought:- Rocksmith has some kick ass technique guides that help build muscle memory and get a player become familiar with the guitar. On you tube and from various books, there are a ton of random sets of notes put together that when played sound decent (like one of the practice tracks from our rocksmith lessons) Now if we could take advantage of the fact that one can make custom tracks for the PC. An example of a custom track for technique:- all the important chords with random switching between them, a bit of scales, some lead notes here and there, basically random riffing that sounds decent. These tracks can be between 10-15 minutes long and with riff repeater it would be a god send, i tried my hand at creating custom tracks but im having issues thats im not able to solve, hence i ask here. Are there already such tracks on customs forge? I really dint know what to look for in case they did exist. Do you think riffs like this created for learn a song would help newbies? Thanks
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