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  1. Iron Maiden Metallica Judas Priest Testament Deep Purple Motorhead Megadeth Anthrax Volbeat Slayer The Sword Overkill Gojira Trivium Avenged Sevenfold Tool Protest the Hero Death Angel Havok Propagandhi Strung Out Green Day Rise Against Rancid NoFx No Use For a Name Lagwagon The Flatliners Zac Brown Band Kenny Chesney Rascal Flatts Green Day was the first band I ever got into - My gateway Strung Out is my favorite band. I have seen them over 10 times - Toronto, Ottawa and Simi valley California. I have also met the band. As you can see im a huge metal and classic rock fan. Metallica was one of my favorite concerts. 2 hour set and I was on the floor pretty close to the stage. Bands I want to see: Accept Pearl Jam ACDC Blue Oyster Cult A Perfect Circle
  2. I have a log that I track every song I riff repeat begening to end. I write it down in a notebook I have with the title of the song, artist, rythm or lead and the date. I also put a note to the side of what techniques the song is teaching me. I keep every song at 100% difficulty I just adjust the speed according to how challenging the song is. Example: Metallica - Jump in the Fire (Rythm) (Palm mutes, Power chords, alternate picking) 12/19/14 - 75% Speed - 10 Notes Missed 12/20/14 - 75% Speed - 8 Notes Missed I usually stick to 5 songs at a time because the goal is to use a song as a lesson and play it as much as you can. There are so many cdlc's here that can be constructivly used to help us improve its just how you do it, I find playing at a slow pace can get boring but its so effective. Thats why by having a journal of what your playing makes it more fun and interesting. I look at my book and only have 7 songs logged right now. But I wonder how much im going to improve once the book is filled to the end or even halfway. Everyone has their own way. I thought I would just share with you guys!
  3. If you like metal. Sodom - Remember the Fallen (Rythm) This really helped me with palm mutes and power chords. Its not too easy at first I used to riff repeat the whole song at a slower speed but theres not too many changes in the song so its possible to get up to speed really quick. Also. No Use For A Name - For Fiona Very fun song (power chords) and not too challanging. Just great for getting comfortable with the guitar and fretboard.
  4. Nice videos. Ive been playing for a year and a couple months and i feel like im just turning the corner on this. Key is picking up and down (alternate picking) with a metronome at a slow pace at first. try using a pattern that involves 2 strings. it doesnt have to sound good. you can even practice alternate picking on rocksmith. take a song like metallicas jump in the fire and slow it down on riff repeater. make sure your picking up and down. it might feel weird at first but you have to get used to it to gain speed so start at a very slow speed. You can pick up on this pretty quick you just have to practice it a lot and get used to that down, up, down, up.. formula
  5. blue oyster cult. Being such a fan of dont fear the reaper made me discover this band a little deeper. Listend to 80% of their discography and I gotta say they are very unique. They got a really smooth/ laid back style packed with cool riffs that would make you \m/ throw the horns up! Even though i didnt grow up in that era i think they are a tad bit under apprecitaed on a main stream level. If i could compare them to another band id say they are a deep purple that didnt make it as far. Ive seen black sabbath, judas priest and deep purple live. I would love to have the chance to see these guys! this riff gives me chills
  6. I still dont get why we have to be tuned in only e standard to play session mode
  7. Enjoy. This is my first guitar I love it
  8. I dont know much about this and ive only been playing for a year so bare with me haha. I want to experiment and start playing low tuning songs. preferably C standard. I currently have a gibson lpj with regular strings and I know not to tune it down that low. But why is it bad for the guitar? I'm most likely going to buy another guitar for this so I can have one with regular strings and the other with heavy gauge. If I do get one what kind of range can I tune it to? Example if I keep it in c standard can I tune it up to D standard or even drop d? and how low can I tune it? I really have no idea so some knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated!
  9. As for riff repeater. I would absolutly love if they included a more customized version of it in the next rocksmith. I play a lot of songs at slow speed from begining to end but theres always parts of the song that i am up to speed with. If we could play a song at regular speed and have it slow down at requested parts like solos where some may be not up to speed I feel like people could benifit off that.
  10. My first few months I really did benifit off DD but now I dont use it at all. If the song is too hard I will either try the whole song at a comfortable speed and use it more as a guitar lesson rather then a song to jam to or I will just remove it. I have a whole folder of cdlc's like this so I can re visit when my skills improve. Im more used to playing along with the song at the speed its at. when the scroll screen slows down it throws me off now and id rather play the song the way its meant to be played or not play it at all. DD was very usefull for my first 3 months. When just holding a guitar was overwhelming. I think its a great tool for beginers to get over that hump.
  11. Thanks guys. I will be on this thread checking out all these videos. Its in my best interest to keep improving my playing, Ive only been playing for a year now so I can really benifit off this. I realize rocksmith can only do so much its fun and its made me so comfortable with my guitar but I want to improve my knowledge. Ive been really considering seeing a guitar teacher for lessons. These videos really help even the stuff I cant physically or mentally do yet I enjoy watching. I still take it all in
  12. Yea I cant thank you guys enough for all the hard work. As a player whos spent just 1 full year of playing I still kind of consider myself a beginner but I feel like im slowly growing out of that catagory. All the customs have been great and I use each one I choose as a personal music lesson. Its really helped me progress and other then my hard work ethic ill give this whole community credit for my progress. Even the playthrough videos are great. I can totally watch one begining to end and be able to understand how its played and if its a song I can handle or not before hand. Keep up the hard work everyone. just want you guys to know its making a difference in a beginner like me helping me grow into a better player today.
  13. I dont train with scales enough! i really need to start up
  14. Let me say it makes such a good difference. It plugs your guitar into your amp and rocksmith all in one but you only get your guitar sound out of your amp and the music goes thru whatever you have rocksmith hooked up too. Its great cause im still new to playing and i can really focus on my playing rather then getting the guitar lost in the background of the music. also just playing thru tones alone is awesome. Listening to my guitar thru my amp and soundbar at the same time is really cool. Anyone else using this? i got mine for 8 dollars and it works great no static or lag. Heres a pic of what it looks like http://www.long-mcquade.com/5276/Pro_Audio_Recording/Cables/Yorkville_Sound/Link_Audio_1_4_TRS-M_to_2x_1_4_TRS_Female_Headphone_Splitter_Y-Cable.htm#Description-tab
  15. Good to see im not alone here haha. I got 3 guitars and ive been playing for 10 months now. I got a gibson lpj, squire bass and fender acoustic. I feel like all 3 help me out in their own way. Im already looking for my next electric. Im really liking ibanez guitars I want something lightweight that i can downtune. I probably wont get it for another year untill i really mature into my guitar playing.
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