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  1. Hi there, I always linked to folders to also make PC, MAC, XBox 360, PS3 versions available, and lots of people also host DD and non-DD versions of their customs... If we are supposed to directly link to a file, how should be provide the links for the other versions? Of course the easiest thing is to directly link to the PC version, and include links to all other platforms / DD versions in the description text. But in my oppinion the most logical thing would be to replace the four platform checkboxes from the edit dialog with input fields for download links. This could at least solve the pla
  2. ... and then add count-in ticks on the four pre-song-beats and your custom will feel like official content ;) The drummer will count you in! Hit "Shift + E" on every of those four beats and select event "B0" for the first beat and "B1" for the other three beats.
  3. Nice! The hang is gone, indeed! A major step forward, but... when I Alt+TAB back into EOF, it seems like it behaves as if TAB is kept beeing pressed: It will skip through the difficulties rapidly in an endless loop. And if you navigate to the exit prompt for example, it will toggle between "yes" and "no" the whole time.
  4. By that definition it is probably a hang. In Windows 8 a "hanging program window" becomes greyish after a couple of seconds and if you click into it a popup appears, telling you the "program is not reacting" and giving you the option to terminate it or keep waiting for a response of the program. This is what happens with EOF. While hanging, the task manager shows EOF as "inactive", with a extremely high CPU load (35%).
  5. Wow, looks like some awesome improvements, gonna check it out! In the meantime, here is another ALT-Tab crash log. The behaviour is still the same. And to be more precise, for me it only seems when using ALT-Tab while EOF is in the foreground. ALT-Tabbing back to EOF (when highlighted another window with the mouse before) does not cause crashes!
  6. Sure, here are two screenshots: 1. This is the automatic result: 2. And this is how it is supposed to look: My suggestion is that the fret hand position should not be allowed to change within a single handshape - since, obviously, the finger positions don't change. But in this extreme cas with wide stretches, there are different fret positions within a single handshape.
  7. What I think might be another tiny bug: When I apply a handshape to a set of notes that are positioned on different frets, the function that generates the frethand positions ignores the handshape ghost chord and creates different positions for all the notes within the handshape. Regards, Azrael
  8. Btw. will there ever be an update that removes (or lets us turn off) the following behaviour? A input box is selected just by hovering over it with the mouse. Quite often I find myself clicking on one box and then letting go of my mouse. But because it is wired and there is sometimes tension on the cable, the mouse itself slightly moves sometimes. Because of that, now a different box is selected, for example in the edit chord fingerings dialog. Or I simply move the mouse myself after clicking in the box to be able to view its content. I just realized that this has been bugging me for a very
  9. +1 Happens while chart is stopped. In fact I don't even need to load any project to make the crash happen (simply start eof.exe then alt-Tab one time = crash now 5 times in a row). Recovery usually does work, but sometimes it (seems to...) misses a couple of last changes. eof_log.txt: 480: Logging started during program initialization at 01/29/15 08:48:04 480: EOF v1.8RC10 (r1369) 480: eof_load_config() entered 480: set_default_config() entered 480: eof_controller_read_button_names() entered 480: eof_controller_read_button_names() entered 480: eof_controller_load_config() entered 480: eof_c
  10. YES! Thank you VERY much! I tested it, and now I am finally able to move my EOF project files back into Dropbox where the rest of my project files are. I had two project folders all the time, which was really frustrating - now that doesn't seem necessary anymore :D
  11. I, too, still prefer the old search. The white theme feels much more comfortable for me, and I can simply view more rows (=titles) on one page.Also Ignition "feels" slower in terms of loading times. Maybe the loading time in both versions is the same, but since it's always darkening and popping up the loading circle for about one second, this second disrupts my view and makes it feel reacting slowly. In the old search it's a seamless transition between two pages.The main new feature I noticed is the "hovering song info window". And I think it is nice because it gives you most of the important
  12. This^ The number of DD levels has lost it's meaning completely. I have taken the time for my own customs to actually look up the number of levels created by DDC, but there are lots of cases where the charter doesn't know how to or doesn't care and leaves the value at the default "1" If you stick to your "more than one" rule, than you will simply miss most CDLC that have perfectly fine DD with lots of levels! Please don't ever assume that the info "1" means there is actually only one level (if DD is set to "yes")! The number of levels created by Dynamic Difficulty Creator will always be
  13. One tiny thing: This advice should be treated with care, because I had cases where I did the exact same thing and caused some notes to get out of sync. Those notes where triplets in a very fast solo. In such cases you should set the Grid Snap to some even smaller custom value. Indeed, "Highlight Non Grid Snapped Notes" should always be turned on :)
  14. For more info about how that works and what creative stuff you can do with the automated ticks, I suggest you risk a look at this tutorial of mine! Cheers
  15. As far as I'm aware, the "missing count phrase" error comes up when your first beat contains a note. This would be the case if you just imported from gp5 and didn't add any beats into your leading silence. In a 4/4 time signature, you should then hit "push offset back" exactly four times. It should look like this: Then you get a whole bar (or measure) where you can place the metronome count-in ticks (with shift + e), because this is now your COUNT phrase. This way you get to official DLC quality in that regard - therefore the error you encountered is a good one :) Does that work for y
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