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  1. I have never used it, but I think the RS Roadie was created to help switching between different sets of songs on the folder level: http://customsforge.com/topic/20212-tool-the-rs-roadie-song-selection-list-modification-and-setlist-manager/
  2. @@TimeWalker75a Sorry it took so long for me to notice your post, but there you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/96tsou813nt3o51/sketch_footswitch.ino?dl=1
  3. While Rocksmith did help me with guitar technique and playing existing songs, after more than a year it did not really help me with getting creative with my guitar. At first I was fine with that, but at some point I wanted to go beyond just replaying existing songs. Rocksmith's session mode helped me to get a start on improvising, but there is just some theory and knowledge that you need to know that goes beyond what session mode can offer. So I took weekly one-on-one lessons for about 10 months and it was a great thing. I just moved to a different city and haven't looked for a new teacher yet, but that time has helped me a lot. I can know come up with songs of my own - something I did not think could be possible one or two years ago. I am not the most creative person in general, which is part of way I am not yet satisfied with my songwriting. But learing more technique helps with that. All in all: Taking lessons helped me to go beyond where Rocksmith could ever take me. I still use Rocksmith on a daily basis to learn songs I like, and when I feel "lazy" (as in: just want to play without having to think much). Thus, I can recommend the combination of Rocksmith and a real teacher to anyone :-)
  4. A friend of mine has some of those 2-line displays and once I toyed around with them to see if I could get them working. I did, and we even considered cutting the board up, but soon realized there was not enough space to fit it in... You could make an external case and/or stick it to the backside of the board... but in the end I considered that to much effort. I know all the modes of my program and use the LEDs to give me hints where possible, so a display is not really necessary for me. I did, however, integrate a lot of Serial.print() commands into the code. So you can pop up the serial printer and it shows you some of the stuff you would probably want to put on a display. Should help understand the functions ;-)
  5. @@KingCobra Actually I'm glad someone asked :) Here is my latest .ino version: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8722253/Arduino/sketch_footswitch_08.ino Edit: New link https://www.dropbox.com/s/96tsou813nt3o51/sketch_footswitch.ino?dl=0 I have continued working on my program and now use it for other applications and games! I also attached a volume pedal (by Ernie Ball) to the Arduino, specifically the pedal's potentiometer, to be able to send analog signals to the PC. I use this for Window's volume control and scrolling inside Rocksmith. But the main purpose was to enable the control of virtual pedal boards in AmpliTube 4. So... the program now has many more functions than you might need... or maybe you will like them, too! You can download a free trial version of AmpliTube 4, it works with the Rocksmith Cable. If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please let me know!
  6. "New parameter in the configuration file to adjust or not the density status of chords" "the ability to fix the chord density status in old CDLCs" @Chilipouni thanks for you hard work! Regarding those two quotes for version 3.2, is there anything we have to change in the configuration file to make the density fix work? I downloaded 3.2 betareplaced all the 3.1 files in the Rocksmitih Custom Song Toolkit ddc subfolder (and Toolkit now shows DDC's version as 3.2)Imported an old custom into toolkitchanged version numberhit generate in the toolkitResult: the 100% bug is fixedrepeated chords are shown full and not "ghosted" (= not fixed)Is the ddc beta supposed to fix that last issue, or does the "chord density status" mean something else? Cheers!
  7. This is from the change log of the latest patch... so it is possible that ubisoft fixed it. But our bug appears to be quite random, so maybe Lacey just got lucky and they didn't fix it at all. Just for the record: I got to the point where I would prefer the "seperate metronome CLDC" idea over the current state ;-) (mainly because having the word metronome in the song title would allow sorting, creating lists and in general find metronome songs ingame faster)
  8. Can anyone confirm or deny that the update fixed the crashes?
  9. @@cozy1 I was offline for quite a while, but now I would like to get back to topic concerning the metronome bonus arrangements: Would it be technically possible to change the tickbox "Create Metronome Bonus Arrangement" into "Create additional Metronome CDLC", as suggested by firekorn? The additional psarc could have "_M" in the name (just like "_DD" and "_NDD"), and the string "(Metronome)" added to the fields song title and song title sort. Cheers
  10. Well, now I had my first crash, with a version of my own custom generated by the remastered.exe I created for test purposes. Cannot tell if this is really linked, though. Now I am curious what the devs think about the "creating seperate metronome CDLCs" approach and whether it is technically possible. By the way: Wasn't there at some point the idea of packaging multiple songs into a single psarc file? This could remove another entry from my "cons" list :-)
  11. I guess I could live with seperate metronome DLCs... I see the following pros: Potentially prevent crashesPrevent bugged UIWith the word 'metronome' or similar in the song name, we can search them ingame easilycreating a dedicated metronome playlist and using it in non-stop play would become feasibleI already use seperate DLCs for official songs where I added the metronome... and cons: In an extreme case, our song lists become twice as long. This is visually more unpleasing to me than the bugged UI in the arrangement selectionScrolling through the song list becomes more complicated (although this can be handled with playlists)mastery progress info is seperated and becomes harder to trackWhen uploading, downloading and sharing we have to handle multiple files I will admit that the pros seem to outweight the cons. I am, however, not satisfied with the explanation that the arrangement number alone is the problem. I would instead assume that the problematic CDLC have some other unknown bug that might be worth finding. Please try one of my customs and see if they work for you, just out of curiosity. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dc9f5h8n0l8dkd0/AAB031VltmNa5vUnkVfbKJ3Fa?dl=0 (Farin Urlaub and Jethro Tull are in E Standard, Devin Townsend is Open C) Can someone point me to a CDLC that is causing a crash? Using the arrow key down and then 'enter', I can select score attack as well (did you edit your post in the meantime?^^)
  12. @@firekorn I am still convinced that the metronome mode is the most feasible way to learn how to play music (in contrast to regular RS usage, where you only learn to play the notes of a song and remain ignorant about how your guitar actually sounds) inside of Rocksmith. So I think the metronome implementation in the toolkit was a major achievement and I see it somewhat under attack here. I could of course agree to not apply the metronome to e.g. bass and stick to 5 arrangements, but that is not an ideal solution. I think some further investigation is justified before condemning 5+ arrangement CDLCs in general. Since they work for me, I think there must be other/additional reasons for the crashes, not the fact of 5+ arrangements alone.
  13. All my CDLC have a total of 6 playable arrangements: Lead, Rhythm and Bass plus the same with enabled metronome. They play just fine ingame. But visually ingame only 5 are supported, because the "other arrangement" list can only show 4 entries. The last one is not displayed, but you can still select it with the arrow keys.
  14. Hi and thanks for the hard work. 1. Maybe I found a bug in version (rev 93cf5e58): When I use "Load Package" in the CDLC Creator the first time after the program is started, everything is fine. But if I then load another package to generate the psarc of another song, the field "Album Sort" is not updated. Instead it shows the previous text. So I have to update it manually before I can generate the psarc. Can anyone confirm this issue? 2. Is there any reason not to reupload my remastered CDLC with the current toolkit version? All my customs work fine but I am wondering if there are any bugs I might not see or things you would like to polish before people start publishing their CDLCs again... ---- Also I have been wondering for a long time (but this is in no way a priority thing): Would it be possible to create an option in the "configuration" to always chain the CDLC Creator and DDC? So that I would only have to hit "Generate" on the Creator tab and DD is generated automatically with my default settings, giving me the final CDLC with one click? Now with RS Remastered there is no reason not to apply DDC anymore, thus we might as well make it default behaviour?
  15. ... to add to my own statement about the difficulty this week: I also feel like "Feel Good" Lead is much easier than "OK": Advanced Lead - 97.59 % This is my score after 9 tries and starting practicing after my last post 1h ago (I think I could go further, but the slides are killing my streaks...). So I would suggest: "Feel Good" Lead - 5"OK" Lead - 7... with this I will stop rambling about the difficulty and go to sleep instead :D
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