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  1. Happy Birthday deaf42!

  2. Happy Birthday deaf42!

  3. I've Officially done over 30 customs. I have a bunch of Jazz transcriptions from school that I did years ago I'm going to start putting them into Guitar Pro and make charts of them.
  4. I'll try that, thanks Edit: That was it, thanks. Must've missed that for some reason
  5. I've been working tirelessly on this 6 String Bass CDLC and I finally got it to the point where its working with a six string bass everything is perfect and now for some strange reason riff repeater isn't working whenever i select a phrase to riff repeat it just stops, hangs there for a second and then rewinds as if I completed the section and its about to start it over, but it never actually had me play anything. It simply sits there. The game isn't frozen I can restart or exit the song and it starts behaving normally again its just the riff repeater. I have made many CDLCs (look at my signature link) before and never encountered this issue and even though, I am fairly experienced with the process, I even looked up tutorials to make sure I was creating my sections and phrases correctly. To my knowledge I'm not doing anything wrong there. I've now repacked this damn CDLC 7 or 8 times trying different things. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? Here is the CDLC if you want to look at it yourself. Thanks for any advice!
  6. That's definitely what the issue was. Thanks. I'll fix the 311.2hz as well and change it to 220hz thanks for the advice!
  7. So, I have a CDLC I'm working on where the Bass part is played on a 6 string bass and there is absolutely no way you can play it at all without a 6 string bass. Anyway, I tabbed it out and it sounded great and I was able to work around the 4 string limit by making it a guitar track. I used this workaround here to be able to play a 6 string bass in an actual 6 string format basically acting like a guitar part. The plan worked perfectly except when I got into the actual song I noticed it was having a hard time detecting my notes or something because even when I played a correct note it would tell me I'm missing it. So my question is: Could this be because it is essentially a bass part masquerading as a guitar part or is it simply because the notes are too low? is it something to do with 311.2hz workaround? And lastly, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? If you want to look at the chart for yourself here it is. The tuning is just standard BEADGC it just appears weird because of the workaround. Thanks for any suggestions!
  8. Good to be back.

  9. Yes I could and I really should. Maybe I will start doing that.
  10. 95% of the time when I download a guitar pro tab I end up correcting a lot of it. They are not exactly accurate the majority of the time. That, or I just create a new guitar pro tab from scratch that's why I include GP tabs with mine. I'm not sure how many other charters do that though
  11. http://i.imgur.com/ZCQfN2p.jpg Classic Song. only played it a couple times through maybe I'll try again later but that should do for now.
  12. Gonna transcribe some Bass today

  13. Gonna transcribe some Bass today

  14. Just to clarify because I made this same mistake when I first started making CDLC: There's two things you need to download for eof: The zip file with the latest eof its got a whole bunch of stuff The hotfix which is just a new eof.exe filereplace the eof.exe file from the zip archive with the hotfix .exe and it should work properly. As for the .ogg's, if you're getting .ogg files that means you're still using Wwise 2010 you need Wwise 2013
  15. This tutorial is so damn good. You put more work into this tutorial than I did any paper I've ever written. I applaud you.
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