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  1. TomSawyer2112's post in Add trills? was marked as the answer   
    A trill is basically a tremolo with a fret toggle, and instead of picking a single note, its hammeron-pulloff two notes.
    It has to be manually done, define the first notes and copy them as long as the trill effect is supposed to last
    Check the GPro, to know which note, the higher or lower, is played first, or better, use your ears, Gpro notes are not always right.
  2. TomSawyer2112's post in Am I allowed to make a cDLC in which only a part of it already is a oCDL in another key? was marked as the answer   
    Well, the rules of CF are based on the fact that Ubisoft has to pay to buy the rights, so that they can claim benefits from that, and it would be unfair from us to give it away for free, which I completely respect.
    Consequently, CF would risk lawsuits, even being shut down, if not kneeing before the RS creator.
    Which I find hard to swallow, but then it is more intelligent to act with humility for the greater good.
    So I completely agree to their rules for that reason.
    If the CREATOR had to pay some fee's for the classical works is more than doubtful,
    and you cannot blindly apply rules, there are always grey zones.
    To understand rules or laws, which is always a must to accept them,
    you have to raise above the simple texts, and question their causes, justifications, origins
    and bifurcations with the different aspirations of people or organizations.
    That's the responsibility of every single adult in this world, ...to make it better. ^_^
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