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  1. I fixed it. I had 2 steamapp folders and the CDLC's were getting installed to the wrong folder....... stupid me. It all works now. I understand what I was doing wrong. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks Magna Charter. I do have the Cherub Rock which I purchased in the dlc folder still and it works in RS. How would I download just Cherub Rock again? Delete it? Doesn't really make sense to me since it works. I am stumped really. As I said, my configuration worked perfectly before I had to rebuild my system and re-install everything. One thought I had was to to just rename the dlc folder to olddlc and then reinstall rocksmith. I assume then it would download all of my dlc files. Then I could add some files from customsforge and see what happens.
  3. After rebuilding my system, I have had problems getting RockSmith to see my CDLC's. I have uninstalled RS2014 and reinstalled but to no avail. Do I have to uninstall and re-install the original RS also? When I ran the patcher as an alternative, it deleted my profile and it was like I was a new user. Further, my CDLC's did not show up in that case either. SO I restored my original RS2014 to get back my original profile. I cannot figure this out.
  4. I had to rebuild my computer and reinstall Steam and RS2014. After the reinstall none of the CDLC content showed up. I checked to see if the the dll file was there that was required and it is. I even downloaded both versions of it. All of my CDLC content is still in the dlc folder. I downloaded the newer .dll file and it did not change anything. I do see a OS window pop up when I run RS2014 but it still does not see the CDLC content. Finally, I tried using the rocksmith patcher file and that was a complete disaster. It deleted my profile and RS could not see a lot of its own c
  5. Working in groups is a good idea. I would say that perhaps CDLC's should be more like a WIKI database. People can edit over time. It is not a formal group. Can we edit CDLC's now? If there is a problem with one , can you go in and edit it or is it locked? If you can edit it, and improve it, then what would be the problem with reposting it as an edited version giving credit to the original editor. Remember that all of these CDLC's are using copyrighted material. It seems rather ironic that people would get bent out of shape over someone editing their work which is based upon a mus
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