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  1. Awesome, this fixed the problem. Dunno how I managed to even turn that one, thanks!
  2. I don't know what button I pressed, but yellow lines appeared on the beat marks in my editor, and whenever I grab a note, the 'hitbox' for the note is strange. I'll have to move my mouse sometimes off the note to grab it. I can also only move keys to the beat using the bracket keys, as well as manipulating the note trails, I can only move it to a beat marker. I tried a fresh install, by replacing my EoF with the base version of it, but nothing really changed. Thanks for any help.
  3. Seems to be the bass track that is making the game crash. When I don't add it into the toolkit, everything goes perfect. I wonder what the hell is wrong with the bass track to make it mess everything else up.
  4. Ends up it something with the Bass track actually, of course. When I add the track into the toolkit, it gives me an error saying I have to manually pick a tuning for it, even though it's in Eb Drop Db. When I look in EoF, it says tuning unknown, even though the tuning for the string is (-1,-1,-1,-3) to symbolize the steps below E standard, -3 being the low E string. Dunno what the issue is.
  5. UPDATE: I removed every track except for the bass track, and the problem continues. Could something in the toolkit be the issue?
  6. Oh god, what have I done. Anyways, I've made about oh, 80 CDLC or something like that, and I've done it the same way through the past 2 years. There is always room for improvement, but I've never had this issue before. I just finished charting the song, adding the Wwise files, lyrics, etc. When I load up the song, the game crashes to 'Rocksmith2014.exe has stopped responding'. I've never had this issue before. I fixed it one time by removing the lyrics, so I assumed the lyric file messed it up. However now, even without the lyrics, the game defaults to the crashed state. My Toolkit and EoF is updated, so I'm wondering if an update with the game is causing this, but I doubt that. Anyways, I'm sure I'm spamming the support section with a question that's been answered a few times. Any help would be awesome. I can show or send any files if need be.
  7. There was a fix that was created, and not updated as an actual part of the game. Here is the link to the files needed to fix the bug. http://customsforge.com/topic/33138-rocksmith-remastered-cdlc-fix/?p=231225
  8. I'm guessing that with the Rocksmith Remastered update, I believe they tweaked the way the game calibrates your guitar. The clean tones may not be able to pick it up, as the Distortion tones up the gain and volume on your guitar. Try re-calibrating your guitar. You can do this by going into the in-game tuner, and pressing the key to re-calibrate, I think it's space or ctrl.
  9. Awesome, this fixed it for me, and saved me a couple hours of work, thanks!
  10. I've found the file, I think. How do I open up this .undo file then to reveal my project?
  11. So I wasn't paying attention today, and I turned off my computer with a project open, right after I JUST saved it. When I turned my computer back on, I opened up EoF, and opened up the EoF file, which then gave me the normal 'Would you like to open your last saved undo state of this crashed project?' or however it is worded. When it asked me where I wanted to save it or, open the mp3 file that it asked for, I was paying attention and I closed out the dialogue box. I tried opening the project again, and a dialogue box pops up saying 'Error Loading Song' and then it bring me back to the start up screen for EoF. Any help here?
  12. This was from the Riff Repeater with Help Is On The Way. It's super jagged, with the tapping icon on it, as well as the unpitched slide. Think it's just that easy?
  13. So two basic things, that I should probably already know by now, but here they are anyways. I've noticed on some official tracks, there are sustained chords that look like they have had the 'crazy' modifier from EoF attached to them, like all of their individual notes look like sustained notes. There are a lot of these on the powerchords on Foreplay/Longtime. I've applied 'crazy' to a chord, but the chord remains unchanged, with just the chord showing, and the blue box that appears behind it to show it's length. I need to put a single chord in a pane, with variations of individual notes being played, without breaking the chord diagram, much like the acoustic part to Wanted Dead or Alive, where the basic chord shape is shown, but individual notes are still hit without breaking the diagram. I've tried this once before, but the chords show up broken, with each note being shown, instead of the blank chord pane, like when you play the same chord more than once in a row. I've also noticed the use of pickslides, used a lot on Help is On the Way, which basically just look like a messed up trill and an unpitched slide, but I don't know how they make it so jagged looking. Any help to any of these would be great, heck they might even be answered somewhere, and I'm sorry for repeating these issues! Anyways thanks, and keep on charting!
  14. Holy cow, I can't believe they actually included Paper Wings in the line-up, since it was more of a promotional single than an actual on album single. But who cares! I'm so excited and happy for this addition to the evergrowing Rocksmith library. My dreams of playing theses songs to the most accuracy is finally a reality!
  15. Please, please, please, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Even though it means some of my custom songs are gonna be taken down XD
  16. Thanks, I saw that option but decided that I won't try it. Stupid me!
  17. I am sure this is probably in one of the threads, but I've been looking for a while, and I didn't quite see the thing I'm looking for. I was wondering how to author a sustained note going over another, like: ------1===----- ---1=====----- The = is the part of the note that is being sustained. I've seen it before like on Make it Stop by Rise Against, and a few other users and songs do this as well. EoF stops the note from going over other sustained notes, so how do I bypass it, thanks?
  18. Aw yes. Get some more Billy Talent up in here! However I was thinking all the songs would be halloween songs, not so much just spooky scary songs.
  19. So, I have never actually gone to a band concert before, I know how sad. However, my favorite band (Rise Against) is finally touring around my area! The concert is in Seattle (Oh boy legal weed), and honestly I don't know what to expect. So I guess I would have a few questions that maybe some people can answer, or give their opinion on! Also, I am going with a friend, the buddy system never fails! 1. What songs will be played? Older stuff, newer stuff, the most popular singles? 2. What can I expect from the crowd? I actually have no idea what the venue looks like, and since this is, or at least WAS a punk rock band, am I gonna have to fend for my life in a mosh-pit or something? 3. What should I look for? Should I pay attention to the singer most of the time, or maybe focus my attention on a sweet guitar solo, or should I should listen to the music and make sure I am not gonna get tramped on by everyone else? 4. They are also touring with another band (Killswitch Engage), what should I be aware of this? Should I just ignore them and wait for who I came for? 5. Any other good advice! I will make sure to wear my band shirt and support my favorite artists!
  20. What one person did for one of my really old Customs I made, was they took a video of them playing a part in the song that was charted incorrectly. They then played the correct version and helped point out the notes that needed to be switched and stuff. It really helped making the song better and such. One thing I really like people doing is pointing something out that is incorrect, and giving solid proof that it's wrong. Let's say the song is in a wrong tuning. A lot of the times, people will just say it's incorrect with no evidence. I like it when people give me a link to an interview with the actual band or something, with them stating that the song is in a specific tuning or such. I love it even more when they give me a quality live music video of the band so you know what notes may be wrong. Of course, some live recordings are different than the studio recording, so that should be mentioned. I remember on Smithy's Anvil, there was an 'Approved CDLC List' that had songs that were DLC quality. I though it was awesome, except for one thing. I WOULD ONLY STAY AND USE THESE CUSTOMS. I wanted accurate tabs that were good in quality, everyone does. But I never wanted to go to the actually community customs in fear for downloading an incorrect tab of a song or one that was just badly put together. I feel like I am just rambling on now. But my least favorite thing ever, is I try really hard to get all three tracks on my customs with somewhat good tones to it, while other people literally just put a chart on a track and say: okay here ya go. Like I can honestly go through the list and name off at least 20 tracks that have the rhythm and the lead tracks mixed up. Or the entire song is in just one really bad tone that doesn't sound good. Uh oh, now I am ranting. I guess all I am saying I would love to see a lot more high quality customs! Not saying that there aren't a lot already, most are really good, but when I find a song with a lead track with only the song's solo, and literally nothing else, I just sigh and go chart the song myself.
  21. I was wondering why 'Friday I'm In Love' wasn't in The Cure's song pack! Glad it's finally here!
  22. So, everyone knows how to make an arpeggio in EoF, using ctrl + G. But is there a way to make these arpeggio's a bit easier to read. Such as the example from the rift of: 'Don't Fear The Reaper'. Just where the fingers of the chords come up, but not the annoying lines.
  23. Sweet. Thanks for adding me to the list. Not that it really matters too much, as long as everyone keeps making sweet CDLC's, then the whole community should be up here! :P
  24. That feel when I have 69 submitted. Dang it so close XD
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