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after my last guitar .. ive made a personal rule .. the number of guitars i may own is 7.  7 is the number of guitars i have.  i may have 6 guitars, if i am in the process of getting a new one, 8 is t

I agree.. a friend of mine (female) asked me a little while ago: "why do you have so many guitars? you can only play one at a time".. after my question "how many pairs of shoes do you have..??" there

I can't answer this in case my girlfriend reads it...she always wonders where the money goes ;)

6, ibanez sr500, schecter hellraiser 5 string bass, schecter omen extreme,cheapo rockburn les paul, aria pro 2 (which i have stripped and refinished and couldnt part with now) and a westfield electro acoustic.

I would have had more but wifey put her foot down,


I have let go of a jackson dinky floyd rose, an ibanez SA360 qm, harley benton semi acoustic, fender starcaster bass and a couple of cheapo strat copies.


All since rocksmith came out.


seem to have went through a few amps also.

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I have one squier strat, bought to play rocksmith on as I'd always wanted to learn to play, I now longingly want a Gibson sg because since learning a little about guitars in seeing that most of the bands I like play one. I used to be one of the people who said 'why do you have do many guitars?' But now I understand

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Good to see im not alone here haha.


I got 3 guitars and ive been playing for 10 months now.

I got a gibson lpj, squire bass and fender acoustic. I feel like all 3 help me out in their own way.


Im already looking for my next electric. Im really liking ibanez guitars I want something lightweight that i can downtune. I probably wont get it for another year untill i really mature into my guitar playing.

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Epiphone Les Paul Custom - tuned to open e for slide usage

1970 Ibanez Vintage 2020 - main player these days

Takamine GD71CE-NAT Accoustic - just because


70's Mosrite Bass - garage sale find

1979 Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo Bass (Blonde Tuxedo) - from back in the day when I played in bad punk bands in the 90's


A couple of other no brand accousitcs and old bass


2 Ukulele's that I take with me when I travel.


Now, if only I could play well enough to justify them all

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I have/will have two.


I currently have a Jackson FSR-JS32, which I will use for pretty much any tuning except for Drop D, which is what my new guitar, a Schecter Guitar Research Omen FR, will have once it finally arrives here.


EDIT: Scratch that. Musician's Friend lost my order in transit so I cancelled it. I'm going to be getting a Kramer Assault T220 FR instead.


And I've been playing just over a year (started last July, I believe).

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I have 7:


American Standard Stratocaster

Fender Standard Stratocaster

FSR American Standard Rustic Ash Telecaster

2014 Gibson SGJ

2014 Gibson Les Paul Studio

Standard Stratacoustic

Taylor 110e

Washburne EA940

And now 8.  I just picked up a 2004 Mexican Standard Stratocaster.  I'm having Fat 50's put in it now, and am adding a DiMarzio DP103 to my American Standard (already have a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge).  When it's done, it'll have the same electrics as Maiden's Dave Murray.

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I used to own a Seagull acoustic guitar while taking a small handful of lessons several years ago but now my only guitar is an Austin strat copy. It seems to do the trick and it will always look better than my friend's pink First Act electric. I'd really like to get a bass guitar as I'm a novice and tend to play bass due to less chords. Maybe a Squier soon?

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I feel bad making this list, but only b/c there are still so many that I'd like to own.  Hell, it's hard to justify what I've got sometimes. 


Nothing too fancy here.  I noodle around at home, and don't make any money at it.

Numbers 4,5,8 were all added in 2014.



1. Schecter Hellraiser (string-thru)

2. Epi p93 Riviera 'Royale'

3. Squire Stagemaster Deluxe

4. Squire bullet tele

5. Epi G400 Korina

6. Epi SG special (stupid purchase several years ago while traveling and bored.  sell or use it to practice fret leveling?)

7. Takamine elect/acoustic (wife's, but she gave up guitar.  I rarely play it)

8. Fender banjo (wife's)

9. Lanikai Uke

10.  older Charvel bass

11. A strat copy.  Started life as a Charvel strat in early 90's but body broken in car accident.  Has a rush job solid maple body my friend and I made.  Picked up the wood at the sawmill, not a pre-cut.  Fairly thin/tapered and Ibanez-ish.  Much more super-strat, but w/no FR.  It plays okay. 


I kinda want to re-shape #11 and fix all the rough edges.  I was just an impatient kid (17) then, and just wanted it working.  I think 2 days.  Pushing 39 now, and I think I could make it look much more like I'd originally imagined, and probably get it to play a bit better as well.  I'm on the fence about changing it though.  I worry it would loose some sentimental value.  100% certain it would be a better guitar though. 


I'd just cut/shape another as a point of pride, but lack access to many of the tools these days (and would need the rest of the parts too).  Thoughts?


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I have an Ibanez GRG20Z (first guitar) and a Schecter Damien Platinum FR. I love the Schecter, and even though the Ibanez is one of the cheap version it still plays pretty good. Probably gonna get a new guitar this month for my birthday, a Flying V or some weird shaped guitar, I need some variety lol.

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Guitars owned:

Schecter Damien Platinum-6 FR (EMG 85-81) | Ibanez GRG20Z | B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe Warbeast (EMG 85-81) | Jackson Pro King V KVT (Duncan SH-6).


Playing since:

November 11, 2013.


Favorite Genre:

Heavy Metal \m/ (specifically Death Metal, Power Metal, etc. and the heavier stuff) 



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up to 6 now ,  3X 4 string bass's (various tunings), 1X  5 string bass , 1X lead and an old acoustic.

Having trouble finding wall hanging room for them all now lol

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Guitars: ESP LTD F-54 Bass, Tanglewood Curbow4 Bass, Stagg BC300-N Bass, Yamaha BBN5bk (5String), ESP LTD AX-360, Plus a cheapo no name acoustic

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Right now I have 3 different bass guitars. I bought the first one (Washburn Bantam BB4) about 18 months ago. Then the second one in May this year (used Ibanez SR500). Last one I bought was just this month (Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass), I picked it on Ebay and had it shipped from Japan.

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(Click me)

** See my releases and WIP here **

Pink Floyd DLC list

Queen DLC list

The Beatles DLC list

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I have 3:


Behringer V-Tone Guitar Pack. I've adjusted the guitar quite a bit and polished some of the frets to get rid of the fret buzz. It's OK, but nothing special. Dr Neon strings (Quite handy for playing RS).

Schecter Demon 7. All frets polished. Skull Xtreme strings. 

Yamaha Acoustic.


At some point might update the Behringer to something better.

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