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  1. Happy Birthday ijustdontgiveaf!

  2. Happy Birthday ijustdontgiveaf!

  3. thanks for sharing.. :) i like that track/arrangement, and (as well constructive critizism) would agree that a bit more time should be spent on the mixing phase.. please don't just wait for the mastering process to get a "good mix" ;) 10 hours for recording and mixing the whole 5-track EP? that's basically what a mixing session for a single song takes when you want high quality results (if it does not contain too many tracks.. some songs may take days to mix well) definitely keep it up and i'd like to hear more in the future :)
  4. i agree with the others.. i bought it for PS3 at first, however only then I realized i needed to first crack my PS3 to play cdlc's.. i did order a hardware-flasher to crack my PS3, however while waiting for the shipment I found one of the above mentioned sales, so i bought the game for PC for 15 USD.. i'm using the cable that was supplied with the PS3-game, but now i primarily play on PC and hardly on PS3 (which i did crack once the flasher arrived, but only to not have wasted money on the flasher :P )
  5. i think steps by 10% are actually a bit too much in the higher registers (especially from 90 to 100).. what i do is i start at a low value (usually around 50) and then go through each section (usually bundled in sets of 2) until i can play them without error twice in a row.. then i go to the next set of sections.. once that's done i go through the whole track and then increment in steps of 5%-points.. sometimes i don't bother getting it 100% correct, when i know i played it right, and it was just the note recognition that's messing with my temper ;)
  6. http://static.fjcdn.com/comments/5113044+_467b34e6803bb2a9f38b7e753bfbaada.jpg no, currently on either a leather chair (with arm rests, which are really annoying), or a similar big chair without rests when i'm upstairs, or my couch.. need to get something like this quick lock seat soon
  7. i as well can recommend the squier models.. i have a telecaster vintage modified SSH (my first guitar) and i still enjoy playing it.. my former teacher has a mexican fender and told me that he actually prefers mine ;) a good setup also makes quite a difference, so i'd recommend having done that right away when buying it..
  8. hehe, yes, sometimes i do give a f.. but it's better other people have low/no expectations at first, and then are positively surprised, than the other way around ;) according to your description this might have to do with the drivers.. have you tried deleting them and then re-installing them? might be worth a try..
  9. usually when windows closes a program, there's a log-entry in the "event viewer" if you open this application (just use windows search for "event viewer"), then go to "windows logs" - "applications" and search for the crash of RS.. maybe the output there can provide a bit more information on why this has happened (i.e. the faulty module). even if this doesn't help you/us to find the cause, it will possibly help ubisoft..
  10. I agree.. a friend of mine (female) asked me a little while ago: "why do you have so many guitars? you can only play one at a time".. after my question "how many pairs of shoes do you have..??" there first was silence, and then she changed the topic of our conversation..
  11. i have 5 at the moment.. still trying to catch up with my uncle (he's got 17)
  12. oh, because i just looked into them: stone temple pilots' "plush" and "interstate love song" might be interesting to you?
  13. Hammerbox .. a band out of Seattle during the big grunge time in the early 90's, but they never made it big..i found out about them from a snowboarding video-tape around that time.. (oh.. i'd LOVE to see someone do a cdlc from "when 3 is 2")
  14. i don't drink coffee (hm, ok maybe one cup a year.. and that's a lot to me ;))
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