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  1. Cream bassist Jack Bruce, gone. One of the greatest of the greats. http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/25/showbiz/cream-jack-bruce-bass/index.html (CNN) -- Jack Bruce, singer, songwriter and bassist for legendary 1960s rock band Cream, died Saturday at 71. Bruce's family confirmed the death of the Scottish musician on his official website and Facebook page. "The world of music will be a poorer place without him, but he lives on in his music and forever in our hearts." Considered one of the greatest rock trios of all time, Cream was formed by Bruce, guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger B
  2. Custom scale racers would be cool, for some of the more exotic stuff. Eastern, Gypsy, etc.
  3. Another one by the Allman Brothers to consider would be "Please Call Home" but, I don't think you'll find much tab info for it. It's not one of thier huge songs, but Duane's guitar work on it is sublime. "One Way Out" is also a very good Allman Bros song.
  4. Ok, officially it was a few days ago... I build guitar parts for a living. About ten years ago, one of my OEM buyers and I agreed to a trade. A bunch of my parts for one of his guitars. This was a "Free Time" deal... as we had free time away from other orders, we'd do a bit of work one each others' stuff. We knew it would take a while. It's a good thing I'm patient! The guitar was finished almost exactly a year ago, but I found myself very busy and short on time to go get it from it's place in Victoria, BC, Canada. It was built by Heatley Guitars. This weekend, a very short
  5. You're thinking about Heatreaker. Solo was recorded on a different guitar, at a tifferent time, and in a different studio as well (IIRC) Cool thing is that the multitrack files I have for Heartbreaker contain the oriignal solo not heard on the album. But, it IS possible, actually. Since the Heartbreaker solo is a stand-alone section with zero background music, just that section can be pitch corrected without affecting the entire song.
  6. Please NO!.. Songs should in my opinion always remain as close to the original as possible. Chances are, you won't be able to tell the difference. I'll give you a heads up. For a long, long time, people who were uploading music to Youtube and got caught by the content-boogery used to pitch the song slightly different to get around it. They would also speed up or slow down the tempo slightly. I'll be you never even noticed. I can't find a Layla at A440, but here's a Layla at 432 (supposedly)...can you really tell the difference? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjglwVtKDHk
  7. That's one opinion. Others, including mine, may vary. You need to do a lot more research before making statements like this. Have a read of this article on concert pitch. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_pitch_standards_in_Western_music#History_of_pitch_standards_in_Western_music I'm aware of concert pitch and A-432, alternate tunings, and all that jazz. I'm also intimately familiar with recording technology and have been in the music industry for nearly 20 years. Not as a salesman at your local GC, but as a luthier in the 90's and manufacturer of guitar accessories f
  8. Off-tunings should be pitch corrected to proper before being made into RS DLC. It's easy to do using Adobe Audition's pitch shifter. I just sent a pitch-corrected "Layla" track to the guy who made the first version...the original is about 38 or 39 cents sharp from A-440. Most of the time, it's due to tape speed in older recordings.
  9. As a player, I use multitracks very often. Since 2010, I've buitl a collection of multitracks around 50-60 GB, maybe larger. For DLC creators, using the multitrack as a reference, at least, will alow them to adjust guitar parts, since it is much easier to hear the guitar when ONLY the guitar is playing. What that a slide or a pull-off? Now you can hear it clearly. I also use multitracks to make backing tracks, which is something I would like to see is RS. Playing "over" something is all fine and dandy, but playing "with" a band is where it's at. Here's soemthing I recorded a few
  10. The latest acquisition is a PRS P22 Next to it is an S2. Behind it are two PRS SE's, two Gibson Les Pauls, an Ibanez RG something, and and Epiphone DOT, and the black Epi LP that's been striped fro 10 years... http://www.wolfetone.com/guitars/PRS.jpg
  11. One of those coils appears to be missing it's lead. It's fairly easy to fix if you're competent with a soldering iron. You will see two grommet-style "eyelets" on the bottom of each pickup. One has a lead that goes to the other coil. The other lead is missing. You should be able to replace it with any decent, similar wire. Using a soldering iron, heat the drop of solder at the eyelet, and push the wire through carefully. Don't "camp" on the solder too long, or you run the risk of burning the fine coil wire -- it's finer than the hair on your head. I've been a pickup designer
  12. Womac911


    My amps consist of.. 1967 Supro Thunderbolt 1967 Fender Bassman 1959 Gibson Discoverer 1965 Silvertone THD Univalve Jet City Picovalve Fender Hot Rod Deville 90's Ampeg Reverberocket and two "Rock" amps from the '80's, now a defunct company. Also, one unknown "Eastern Amplifier" amp from the 1940's. If you consider the Fractal Audio Axe FX II an amp, then mark me down for one of those as well.
  13. I use an AXEFX II with the Rocksmith cable plugged into the rear output. Mute the player guitar in Rocksmith, and you'll only hear the AxeFX II processed signal. Dial in your own tones. Works like a dream.
  14. Wouldn't that be an A (major)? Beats me. Chords are my weak point. Looks like it has several different names... However, confirmation of the chord has been confirmed by a source I trust. Dom Polito of Classic Albums Live... http://www.wolfetone.com/guitars/chord.jpg Dom is playing the Les Paul in this video. A couple years ago, after this vid was shot, I consulted and help him get closer to the studio tones...
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