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  1. Thanks a lot! Thank you all a lot, I've got half my feedback from here, I'm really thankful for everyone who send theirs! I am also working on a lot new functions including tags, visible categories and clickable artists, after that is done I will be posting a hope more articles :). I'm really excited to do this and also make this accessible to a far greater audience. I hope to make a website where you can follow the news of certain artists. Maybe even make it so people can add tour dates and general stuff on bio pages of the artist. I'll see where it all goes, I've got a lot of ideas and new ideas may form and old ones fade, it really is nothing more than a blog now. And also, I want to bring in some guitar related stuff. Been improving on improvisation lately, maybe I'll do some riffs and improvisations in the style of certain bands, whenever I'm good enough doing something like that. On the school side, I am just steps away from the last three points I've got to get. the blogs I wrote just weren't related enough to my study to give the three points, for the rest they saw I had learned from all of this. So now I'm writing on something related to my study, and I've got the points.
  2. Hello there, It's just a few weeks away from the end of another school year, and it's time for me to get my last grades. For this I made a blog where I write about music, and especially new music. Now, I know that there are a lot of people here that love music, so that's why I take my chances and hope to get some feedback from you guys! The website I'm talking about is: http://throwarock.nl If you'd take a look around, read an article or two, and then fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEZWcHc5X3Fhdm5SSDdkUWV2dlp6Z2c6MA you would totally rock! For the moderators: I'm aware of the rules, it states that I can't advertise, but I hope you can put this through the whitelist because if I don't get those last grades at school, I have to stop and look for another study. For everyone else: I really appreciate your time, I can assure you it won't take longer than 5 minutes! The articles on the website aren't very long, and the feedback form isn't long either. Have fun! Helderdje
  3. Hey, Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late answer. Unfortunately I haven't been able to be there since I posted this. Her dad has tried to wire the thing, with no success, because he probably cut the blue wire that's connecting the two coils in half (even after I told him that probably isn't going to work.) and I'm not even sure if he even looked at a wiring diagram, but anyways.. thanks for the info, I will look at the bottom of the pickups next time I'm there and see if I can figure out what you mean, if I can't figure out what you mean I'll take some pics. I already looked at each side of the pickup without a wire, but I don't think there was anywhere there, can't recall I looked at the bottom. It also sounds like it's a pretty though job for someone with not a lot soldering experience. And also, thanks for the offer but I have to refuse. I live in Europe so shipping will probably be quite expensive.
  4. Well, I will see if those pickups can be installed, otherwise I would definitely buy that.. Thanks for the tips! I go there tomorrow so will see and keep you guys updates!
  5. Hello people, My girlfriend's got a (not Fender) P-bass pretty cheap, and it hadn't got any pickups. So I told her I could try and wire it for her, if she buys some pickups. Her dad then bought pickups without a brand or whatsoever, and after checking wiring diagrams I don't think they can be wired into the bass, but I'm not sure. I've got some pictures of the Pickups: http://i.imgur.com/Zfo33oJ.jpg As you see, the blue wire is the connection of the elements, then there's the yellow wire to connect to the volume control, but all pickups and wire diagrams I've seen have another wire also going to the volume control. My girlfriend's dad says it should work by cutting the wires between the two elements, and wire them via the cavity, but I really don't see how this works.. Can somebody explain how I should do this or why it isn't possible? My girlfriend is dying to start practicing bass. Here is the cavity of the bass: http://i.imgur.com/EzImLCT.jpg Thanks in advance! Helderdje
  6. Going to Rock Werchter, awesome line-up! also NoFX :)
  7. I believe it's from the original ubisoft forums, might you be interested in playing another championship with official songs.
  8. Haven't spent too much time in this weeks championship. Got 70% on the Gary Moore song. Will need some RR and a few playthroughs, I think I can still post a score tomorrow night if I have some time tonight and tomorrow for practicing.
  9. Well, my first run today rocksmith is registering pretty good and got a decent score, next run registering got worse but got a better overall score. Wish I could combine the two together. I missed some of the barré chords at the end due to registering, hadn't missed one the run before. Kinda strange. but anyways, this is it for now: http://i.imgur.com/HDTwwLh.jpg Actually, what I said might be due to this... Although the 0/12/0/12 - 0/12/0/11 - etc part did register pretty good (only later in the song, the first time that part comes I actually got that strike). In LAS the barré 555755 and 777977 part went perfect, had a 200 streak, second time in SA those weren't always registering.. pretty strange. I do too wonder how this can happen..
  10. Not really sure if I want to move on to masterclass or stay in intermediate, I feel November Rain is closer to my skill than Kashmir, but I'm not sure. The guitar in Kashmir is actually really awesome.
  11. I actually like to use the system for up and downlevelling to see where I belong. I understand that the difficulty changes per week but still.. I would like to have that returned in the rules, because I definitely forget the percentages. Maybe you can put that it is just a guide you don't have to follow very strict?If nobody else feels the same as I do then I will write those percentages down for myself, and they don't need to be returned in the rules of course
  12. Well, I took my Gretsch Electromatic to my parents home, it won't work as good as my Yamaha Pacifica with this specific song :( Got a nice score anyway, So pretty happy this week :) http://i.imgur.com/UqSEWEK.jpg
  13. that's because they're in the middle of those fast chords, when I do them outside a song I can easily achieve them. Very nice score man! I'll be attempting to beat it tomorrow.
  14. http://i.imgur.com/lI9aFdr.jpg?1 Oh yeah! this was my goal, now I will go up to 97%! I really wonder why I got platinum for this, this wasn't perfect at all.. I thought you only got platinum for perfect playthroughs.. also, I got the perfect game (medium) and perfect game (hard) achievements for this.. I didn't even play medium.. or do you automatically unlock this achievement because if you do it perfect in hard, you'll do this too in medium?
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