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  1. I've used RS2014 as a clean install, no cDLC, on a Win10 Beta. It worked fine for me. The machine was set up so I could test existing departmental software to be sure it will run on Win10. I have stuff going all the way back to Visual Basic 5 (circa '97) installed on this machine. A few packages require compatibility mode to function properly.
  2. I'd like to see 5 string arrangements, but as not everyone has a 5/6 string I think they should reside in the bonus section.
  3. Both of my guitars have floating bridges so that retuning takes 5 min. It sounds like you are just going from Eb to E. You can always tune the guitar to Eb and throw a capo on the first fret and you will be in E. My solution will be to get a tronical tuner and just program in the odd tunings.
  4. I changed my bass strings this week. They were originals and I got the bass in 2006 or 2006. Never did break one. I would have changed my guitar strings toon, but I have decided to purchase a tronical tuner. It will let me switch the tunings between RS songs quickly. I've loaded up songs and then backed out because they were in a different tuning.
  5. Well let's see I like Reader's Digest, Newsweek, and Discover. Oh, you want music/guitar mags. My local country library has a subscription to Zinio. That give me the previous magazines and Guitar Player for free. It is all online and I don't have to visit their building. Check with your library and see what they have. Free can be quite nice.
  6. Thanks for the link. It is disappointing that not all Steam games will run on a Steam PC. I thought they would have some sort of WINE setup to allow for Windows only games. I see that the now have released an ISO. I'll go down that path and see what I get.
  7. Hello All, Has anyone attempted to install SteamOS on a computer yet? I know it is still in Beta. I had left my RS laptop at home yesterday and thought I would try it out. I'll include links below. I downloaded and followed directions to the letter and it appears to not write to the hard drive. I put a 500 gig drive in the machine that had windows 7 installed. After running through the SteamOS installed, Windows 7 still boots up. I've used diskpart to clean the disk and then ran the install. Then I still have an unpartitioned disk. I seem to be missing something. What have been your experiences with it? Download: http://store.steampowered.com/steamos/download Instructions: http://store.steampowered.com/steamos/buildyourown
  8. Cool mod. I need to figure out how to do that with my macbook air. As for the broken cable, don't toss it. It shouldn't be too hard to fix with a soldering iron.
  9. Do you have a music store in town that has the guitars you are looking at? I would suggest going down and playing on them for awhile. When my Kramer got stolen I spent a good month researching on line what I wanted to purchase. I ended up selecting a Schecter c1 classic. I went to Guitar Center ready to buy. (Found my stolen Kramer on their used shelf, but that is another story). I picked up several Schecters, some Gibsons and Epiphones, but finally settled on a Fender Strat. It is a "made in china" guitar and some people would look at is a cruddy guitar for that. For me, it feels right in my hands and sounds good when I play. Or at least no worse than playing guitars that cost 3 times as much. The short of the story is, play on them and decide what is good for you. Don't buy a label to impress people. But then, I don't flip my strat over to everyone and show the made in china label either ;).
  10. Wow, this opens a whole new genre of techniques. We can have plastic spoons or silver spoons. Why we could even have a spork slide techinque. Why stop there? You could fork your guitar. Years from now you can go to your friends and say "look at this new ladle technique I just learned!" *Edit* After a quick google search, I see someone is already toying around with the ladle idea: https://jonctrask.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/dsc_0167.jpg
  11. I was just recently offered a gig teaching guitar. I am considering using RS as a tool to assist possible students. If I do, I will be making customs to support the lessons that I am teaching. Then find a song that goes along with the lessons. As an instructor I would use it as another tool, not as a replacement for me. Feedback from the instructor will still occurs. Nice items with RS: gamifcation, functions as a metronome, different method of presenting notes/music.
  12. After seeing this video I thought of this thread. Start counting the guitars at the 2:25 mark.
  13. Unable as in, no time with 2 jobs and a family. Not inability.
  14. Newmans, I am unable to adopt any of your projects, would would like to send a thanks for all the work you have done. Have fun in school, if possible ;).
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