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  1. Thank you all for your answers! I see a lot of ways in which it could be improved. More precise feedback is one of them but without a human or coach, there are limits to how that could be implemented (and I totally agree with what was said earlier about learning to play with a bad posture, that's a problem). Being able to replay a song you just played and scroll through your mistakes... if we were able to film our playing without using 3rd party software we could compare mistakes with position. More scaffolding (meaning a more gradual removal of learning support) when transitioning to M
  2. Hi! I am a student at the MA in Educational Technology and doing a bit of research on Rocksmith. I was wondering if any of you are teaching students using Rocksmith, either official DLC or customs DLC? If so, how are you using it and how do you think it adds to what you would normally do? Also, how do you think Rocksmith could be further improved as a teaching tool? Looking forward to your answers!
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